2D/3D Design

3D Design

3D components used in web designing can make one’s website impressive and memorable. The purpose of using 3D is to create a deep impact on the user. Websites with 3D components look interesting as the stay apart from the commonly used flat 2D design.

One can use Photoshop, JavaScript and CSS for 3D designing. Use of box shadows effects, horizontal and vertical centring, grid alignment and creation of shadows are some of the common 3D design techniques. Photoshop offers buttons, menus, typography and faded shadows, depth and 3D space which can be used for effective 3D website designing.

Even CSS3 provides Photo Stack, Annotation Overlay Effect, Parallax effect and Responsive 3D effects. Use of such 3D web designing tools can make things simple and effective.

2D animation

2D animation techniques and tools have considerably advanced over time. Commonly used 2D animation technique is vector animation, where the animator used to scale the elements. Tools like Toon Boom Animate, DragonFrame and Flash helps to create animations for websites, television and video.

Rotoscoping is a 2D animation technique that allows you to create animations from live action video. Here the footages of video are captured frame by frame. The technique offers a realistic feel to the generated video.
Cell animation and Cut-Out animation are other technique is used in case of cartoons and animated movies.

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