Why Magento?

Magento is an open source ecommerce web development platform that has helped revolutionise online shopping. It is one of the most mature platforms and currently has the largest growing ecosystem around it. We recommend Magento to each of ecommerce clients and it has been highly praised for different reasons. Let me explain to you why Magento today is the most popular and most preferred platform and migrating to Magento or building your eCommerce business on Magento Web Development platform makes a complete sense for your business:

Around 25% of world’s ecommerce portals run on Magento. It has TWICE! the market share of its next competitor!

Now, a scenario like this has developed because Magento’s platform is really mature, strong, scalable and it attracts the best talent and ecosystem around. This has formed a huge spiral of growth for Magento. Magento has a strong future being in eBay’s fold, investments to further enhance the platform are given. And with the ecosystem evolving, business in eCommerce in a growth path (multiples of GDP in any country across the globe), its only slated to scale more heights.

Some general advantages of Magento:

  • Scalability: Magento based Websites are tremendously scalable, it has expandable product catalog, you can create additional stores, it has multi country, multi languages support and much more! No wonder eCommerce websites like eBay, Nike, Olympus run on Magento and are a live testimonial of its scalability.
  • Great Platform improves Sales: It is an easy to use platform for your customers. It is built keeping in mind your business and intricacies to help you increase sales. You can do Upsells, Cross-sells (Items recommended in the Checkout) and Related products. You can set specific prices for different groups of customers etc., you can set up coupons, loyalty points etc. very easily and monitor your ecommerce business with the best in class Analytics and reporting.
  • Open-Source and huge community: It is great for expansion, Magento has a big online community for technical support and questions.
  • Cost Effective: Magento's Community Edition is FREE!
  • Lot’s of Plugins and extensions available: Great for expansion and to customise the platform more bespoke to your business, huge extensions (>35K) base and growing rapidly.
  • Used by top companies: eBay,Nike, Lindt, Paul Smith, Fiji Water, Olympus, Men’s Health, Breville and more.
  • Integration with other Platforms: You can Integrate with Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping to help increase sales.

Some Specific Advantages of Magento:

Figure: Five major advantages of Magento

Multi-Site Functionality:

 If you have, or think that maybe one day you will have more than one online shop, Magento is for you. This powerful feature means that you can have 2, 5 or even 20 stores running from the same admin panel. This allows you to manage orders and customers from one place instead of having to switch between different websites; this makes life a lot easier and is a great reason to use Magento.

Guest Checkout Option:

A small addition that helps separate Magento from the crowd. Many online shops require that your customers have register before making a purchase; this can put them off and potentially lose you the conversion at the very last hurdle. Magento however, offers an alternative, you can administer whether users have to register or can optionally checkout as a guest to help save them time. This little feature may help boast your conversion rate and has been a hit with our clients.

Search Engine Friendliness:

It’s easier to build a strong customer base if your customers can find you! Magento’s search engine friendly structure and built in tools ensures that your website will be one step ahead of your competition.

Some of the SEO friendly features that are built in to Magento include: 

  1. Search Engine Friendly Rewrites
  2. Control over Meta Tags for each Page, Product and Category
  3. Auto-generated Sitemaps

These features can drastically help improve your websites viability online and is a great reason to choose Magento.

Huge Collection of Extensions:

Magento is 100% customisable, there’s a huge community behind Magento that helps ensure it’s continual growth. Whether you are looking to alter the way products are displayed or trying to improve the loading time of your website, there are thousands of extension awaiting you in the Magento Connect store.

Social shopping:

eCommerce is going social and Magento is certainly keeping up with this trend. Here are 3 built-in Magento features that help make your customers shopping experience a more social one.

  1. Customer Reviews
  2. ‘Send to a Friend’ option
  3. Add to Wishlist functionality
  4. Like/Share a buy
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