With the popularity of online marketing and SEO, affiliate marketing has become the most profitable venture, and will help you to generate sales. Our affiliate marketing services will help you to boost your business, improve your brand awareness in the market, and maximize your customers. And the best part is that you need to invest less capital.

Affiliate Marketing incorporates all the system required for a company to have well established name in the market, right from the introduction, promotion and to management. An affiliate works to promote different offers to their clients and in turn bring traffic to their website. Affiliate Marketing requires a very well developed and tested marketing strategy. For example the campaigns used by an affiliate should be informative, clear and eye-catching to attract customers.

Media Buying

Our affiliate and online campaigns also focus on effective internet media campaigns. We keep an eye on all your competitors and track their marketing activities, and help you to plan and buy media accordingly. We help you to do a good implementation of media strategies and media buying. We suggest best possible purchases in minimal time. We also negotiate with the vendors on your behalf, offer opportunities and promotions that will help you to have good media exposure.

Here we check for the different online media platforms to determine the best channel that will suit your requirements of marketing collateral and accordingly place your ads based on your choice. We will also monitor the performance of these ads and based on that create reports for you that will include aspects like number of clicks, inquiries, sales, and then make strategic changes if necessary.

Connecting Dots and Affiliate Marketing

We are connected with the best Affiliate marketing networks globally to get you the best leverage on the web. Connecting Dots helps you to establish your business all over the world as we know how important it is for you. We not only add value to your website, but also maximize your revenue with a complete transparent and honest work procedure. We provide affiliate marketing services where we will promote your products and services in your existing network or by creating a network for you.

We have well experienced affiliate experts who offer superior internet marketing service and are well versed with all the aspects of an affiliate campaign that will help you to generate leads for the business. We offer email marketing and buying media services in our affiliate marketing programs that will boost your productivity even further.

With the help of our affiliate campaigns we help you set up the affiliate infrastructure, submit content to affiliate directories, manage promotions of your products and services to your target customers. We also provide deals that will enhance customer relationship and effective PPC campaigns that is well integrated with SEO and PPC campaigns focusing on your online visibility and will improve your sales revenue.