Alternative Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Web-Store

What is the most basic driver of eCommerce business? SEOs and PPCs? Some may agree with that, but do you really think that only these two assets will make your work done? Never. Even though these are the important assets that drive eCommerce business nowadays, there are several parts of the online market equation that still remains unsolved.

Here we will discuss the already existing and thriving communities that you always forget to utilize in your eCommerce Business.


Reddit can be considered as the front page of the Internet. It is a huge social bookmarking site. Reddit provides everything related to every interest in the world. In Reddit, these interests are divided into different categories in the form of subreddits. You can find subreddits for almost everything. Even for your daily TV shows. Then why not use it to promote your eCommerce website?

Reddit has its own unique way to keep its content fresh and updated. Posts can be upvoted or downvoted, and the posts with maximum upvotes will appear on the top of every subreddit page. Thus, the higher a post, the more popular it will be.

It acts as the most accurate way of checking the updated news within any market.

To participate on Reddit, one must be genuine as the Redditors or the participators are hostile towards spammers. Thus, one spam post, the user has been banned forever. So while posting on Reddit make sure you provide useful posts or it may cause a potential harm to your brand than being helpful. Start contributing to Reddit today in the form of valuable content and increase your upvotes. Start leaving helpful comments, engage with those who interact with you.

The best way to promote your shopping portal in Reddit is by beginning an Ask Me Anything sub-reddit where you can answer the questions sought by a commenter. With this you can improve awareness to your new products and also build interest through target market.


Forums have become less impactful due to excessive spam, however, you can utilize forums to talk directly to your customers. Forums can help you in a dialogue exchange and may prove itself as a pool of knowledge for your company. So, find out a forum related to your product and jump into the conversation today itself.

It is not only about advertising your company. Help the target market, answer any queries with your expertise, offer details on a product, make corrections, and offer support.

To get into appropriate forums, search in Google (keywords + forum). The more specific forum you select, the better response you will get.

Blogging… but not on your blog

Most eCommerce portal blogs are just boring. They don’t provide any new or unique information. Most eCommerce web-store blog just because they have to blog.

Why not try something new? Run a guest post with a well-known public figure or internet influencer. This will help you to pull the followers of your guest’s social media directly towards you. You can also participate in guest blogs. Provide advice to article or features. This helps audience engagement and builds SEO.


The world of Podcast is a growing and eCommerce companies can use this growth. Podcasting can be used to launch your products and improve the active brand. You can also check with other podcasts that have same theme as that of yours and appear as a guest in these podcasts and ask others to do the same for your products.

Group Buying

Group buying happens when you sell any product at a highly discounted price. However, the orders will be fulfilled only if a certain number of people buy them. Make sure you’ve done everything correctly and checked your numbers before running such campaigns. With this you may get a load of customers and some more cash in your account. Perishable or consumable products are the best for group buying. The best part of group buying is that you will not be obligated to complete the orders until a certain condition is met! So try and grab your long-term customers.

Coupon Sites

Coupon sites are those that keep a check on the existing coupon codes of different eCommerce sites and are the best weapons of the customers. While purchasing anything online, many consumers do a keyword search for the promo code that can be used. Since they are looking for something, why not we make sure that something is there waiting for them?

Coupon sites are the best ways to promote yourself rather than spending your precious dollars that you have earned on ad promos. In a better way you can utilize these coupon sites to promote your offers.

In addition, don’t forget that your customers love these codes, so the more coupons appear in your name, the more likeliness that your eCommerce store will raise on top of such sites.

Now that you have understood the other vital aspects of the online equation, why not start solving them today itself and raise our sales.