Are you stuffing links? Google Penguin has just hit!

Being a part of the SEO industry, it is an important task to understand Google Penguin updates. Google is one of the best search engines. Some updates get more attention and some get less. These updates affect the web ranking of SEO. That update is Google penguin.

Penguin new update is purely focused on irrelevant and unnatural links pointing to your websites. Google always says and supports natural links for your website but it is really difficult to get natural links. Google wants your backlinks to look original and spam free.  You need to be a regular subscriber and provide your expertise on topics to earn respect, traffic and links.

Google released this update to target sites that carry out huge stuffing of links. The impact is that many basic principles of SEO seem to be shook up apart. Many websites have been hit hard and are looking to recover from this latest update from Google. New sites not previously caught might get trapped by Penguin.

When you are a website with low quality backlinks without providing any value to the any website, all of the links are considered as spam regardless of Title and anchor text links. Why? Google wants you to provide unique Title, Content, anchor text to where you created the backlinks. When you do any link building for your website please make sure the websites you are linking to have good rank, Goole likes to rank you based on how good your friends are (Well you are known by the company you keep, right?). Some people are so nice leaving compliments for the post where you create the back links please avoid those type of comments.  No one needs your spam compliments.

This anti-spam "Penguin Update" will have more flick in the coming months, as it continues to adjust it.

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