Be Prepared for the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is already upon us. Generally eCommerce companies feel in holiday shopping season business gets disorganized. If you are into selling online, don’t forget to get ready and prepare your eCommerce site for the coming holiday rush. Here we have discussed some ways to roll it up:

Improve Your Server Capacity and Performance

67% of online shoppers abandon web-stores because of low performance!

Remember last time you site crashed because of high load in the holiday season? Be very careful about this. Every customer who bounces off your site frustrated is a customer life time value lost! Calculate yours!

Your Website’s availability and speedy performance cannot be ignored as at the end of the day. This is what invariably gets converted into traffic and revenue. Right? Focus on overcoming the problems of slow page load times. Shoppers generally expect pages to load within 1or 2 seconds. It is good to make sure that your server can facilitate expected traffic levels. Also do focus on performance enhancing utilities like caching and auto-scaling. Read about performance optimization we just wrote about here

Make your Content Wow!!

  • It is always good to test the user-friendliness of the landing pages.
  • Provide best and useful information related to your product pages that will help customers in making right purchasing decisions.
  • Focus on common customer queries related to your products and offer answers to them. Make sure that the information is easily understandable.
  • It is always good to break texts into segments, and use subheadings. 
  • Use good quality images and videos to present your product as this will enhance the visual impact on the customers. For example using video and pictures on how to use and store a product correctly will help you establish trust and eliminate customers’ concerns.
  • The better your customer is educated, the less chance of neglecting purchases.


Offer Something Special

  • Offer special holiday discounts on your pages.
  • Provide incentives like free shipping, coupons etc.
  • It is generally found that holiday shopping begin earlier than the holidays start so it is good to offer incentives on first come basis by promoting quick shopping decisions, like order any item by today and get matching accessory free etc. etc.


Have a Perfect Order Fulfillment

The sale does not end at the time order is placed.. Actual sales and acquiring the customer for life actually begins there! How you fulfill the order leaves a lasting impression in the customer’s minds.. Business as they is all about perceived value.. Make it large!

Make your site reliable and ensure timely fulfillment of orders despite of higher shopping volumes. It is good to have extra staffing and fine-tune the processes considering the extra loads.

Focus on your inventory control and have buffers supply capabilities so as to fulfill the extra orders as needed. Customer disappointment due to lack of product availability is not good for business and that too during holidays.

Don’t Forget Your Mobile Shoppers

It is the era of Smartphones and mobile devices: Last shopping season, more than 20% purchases happened through mobile devices, and the trend is only increasing. Time is not far when mobile shopping will surpass PC Shopping! So your website and eCommerce business needs to better gear up for this like NOW!

If you are not ready yet, don’t waste a second and focus on optimizing your site for mobile shopping. Start it now to be prepared for the coming holidays.

Here is wishing you a happy shopping season and great Business!

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