Best Mobile Apps for the Magento Merchants

In today’s world no one can think of leaving without mobiles that has become like a part of you that constantly stays with you throughout the day. Mobile has now become the best way to gather important information. It has also become an important tool for scheduling your tasks that will help you stick to your deadlines. Thus, Smartphones and other such devices have changed the way people do their daily task and work in the present times in a big way. So, dear Magento merchants, why not utilize them for our eCommerce needs and scheduling our tasks?

Magento merchants have their own set of tasks that they need to attend to. At times there are tasks that become difficult to handle and also have issues in scheduling these tasks that will match their needs. That is why, this time we have come up with these mobile apps that can bring a major difference in your lives and help you towards a better work-life. Here are the top apps that are a must have for Magento merchants.

Sage CRM App

An eCommerce business will not be a success without proper customer relationship management. This problem can be solved easily using the Sage CRM app that can be installed on your mobile phones. This app combines processes, technology, people and interaction with your customers using your mobile phone across various businesses you may possess. As a Magento merchant, you may have to work with different clients from different verticals and maybe most of them have a different requirement. This tool will help you take care of your relationship with your clients while considering the needs to improve your business to have an accelerated growth. With this app you can easily win profitable deals along with meeting the individual business needs. You will be also able to target the right person at the right time.

Simi-Tracking App

You are the owner of an eCommerce website, and have sales on the top priority list in terms of your objectives. With the help of Simi-Tracking app installed to your Smartphone, you can easily get access to the real time sales data that includes details related to daily sales and orders and the bestsellers etc. With this app you can get access to all the features that are necessary for your Magento eCommerce portal. The app offers a very high tracking speed that is not offered by any other app and it also offers third party data. The app is supported by Android 2.2 and its higher versions and also the iPhone versions. So, you can use this app very easily by either an Android phone or an iPhone.

Xpenser App

For every Magento merchant, regular monitoring of the expenses incurred is very important. Keeping a track of them can be a hectic task. Since, they need to be any how tracked, using Xpenser app on your Smartphone will help you to easily tackle expenses. You can submit your expense report with this app in just one click. The app will then route the report to the concerned person and will also convert it into PDF format that is then linked to the approval. It has just a single approve or reject button making it very simple to give and take approvals. In this process, you save a lot of paperwork for seeking approvals.

Evernote App

Certain times you will have to leave your table only by completing half of the task. This happens a lot of times! You will obviously have your mobile or tablet in your hand. Now, with the help of Evernote app installed on your device, the app will help you sync the details from all the devices that you use to handle a task and bring them to a single space. So, now you can continue your work from where you left it. Everything will be stored in this app and you can also know what work is pending and what is already done. If you are on the go every now and then, use Evernote!

Scan Biz Cards App

Are all the business cards that you get from your clients safe in your hand? Or have you misplaced them? Then there is a chance that you will never find them when needed. This happens to most us. To avoid this, Scan Biz Cards App will help you out. You just need to click a photo of the business card and enter it to your app. The details inside the card will be automatically converted and entered into your phone book. Also, it has an online backup facility.

Isn’t that helpful?

Hope, now things will become much simpler for you!