Compare Old Google keywords Tools Vs New Google Keyword Planner statistics and traffic estimates for your keyword search

Google has recently replaced the Google keywords tool to Google keywords planner. Keyword research has always been tricky; it’s an art as well as a science. Here we explain the difference between the old Google keywords tool and new Google Keywords planner.  In the old keywords the Google used to take ‘Broad’ search volume but in the new keyword tool is takes only the ‘exact match’ to the keywords.

Google Keyword

Let me explain with one example. Let’s take this keyword ‘Online Shopping Stores’:

Broad and Exact Match: In the old keyword tool would show the Global search volume as 9140000, but in the new tool it shows 6600. Why is this so?  It is because the old Keywords tool defaulted to broad match, the new one ONLY shows the impressions for exact.

Local monthly searches and global monthly searches: These two columns have been replaced by the ‘Average monthly searches’ column.  You get the data on all locations and particular country and the city you choose. You’ll notice that the average search volume data is higher in Keyword Planner as compared to the exact match search volume data you got with Keyword Tool. That's because it shows you the average number of searches for a keyword idea on all devices (desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones) but exact only no board match.

This is the new methodology used in Google keyword planner. Go through this method before working on the specific things for your keyword search.

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