Conversion Rate Optimization in Ecommerce and How to Improve It

Conversion rate is an important factor for your eCommerce site. If it is poor then you definitely need to assess why all this is happening. Only attracting your shoppers will not work in this case, your eCommerce site must also convert them into customers who will purchase from you.

For this we need to first understand what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is. CRO is the technique of using analytics and users’ feedback to improve the overall performance of your website. It can be used to improve any metric on the website important for your business that is generally known as key performance indicators (KPIs). But generally it is associated to acquiring new customers and improving conversion rates.

 It is always good to design your eCommerce website from the perspective of your customers. You need to understand what they require, allow them to easily locate the products, and make purchase easy. This is the only way to enhance your success.

Here you can find some of the conversion rate optimization techniques that will help you to make your eCommerce site conversion-friendly.

There are some important parameters that have to be considered in the first step that makes sense of your conversion rate.

Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate is the percentage of people leaving your site after viewing a single page. High bounce rate is not good and shows that people are not finding what they are looking for.

Exit Rate: Exit Rate for each page is the percentage of people leaving after viewing that page. Exit rate help you know the last page that users saw before they leave.

Average Time on Site: This gives a general idea that how long people sticks to your site. A high bounce rate means low average time on site.

Average Page Views: Average Page View tells you that how many pages visitors visit before leaving in an average. More page views mean more engagement, but in case conversion rate is still less it means that your site is less clear.

At times even the biggest optimization challenge might have little to do with the site, and might completely have to do with the lack of organizational support. It’s always good to run some small scale tests to optimize elements. Improve things through surveys and testing.

Why CRO is Important

No matter how well-designed your site is, there is always room for improvement. Optimization also increases the return on your investments. It creates influential flywheel of momentum increasing your market share. The better your conversion rate, the more traffic you will be able to afford, and the more customers you get. You’re dominating your market before you know it.

Know Your Target Audience

Know who exactly your targeted audience are. Who are going to buy products from your site? Find out the emotions that generally drive people to buy products online and use them to induce the decision to buy in your customers. Analyze the behavioral patterns in case of shopping as it is important for the success of your online business. The decision of whether to buy or not completely depends on the images and information you provide. So provide them the best of it!!

Make Navigation Easy

Make your navigation simple and easily understandable for the customers. Make them move smoothly on your site that will help them to check your products quickly and conveniently. You can note Amazon as the best example which has made its search bar prominent enough as it is how most users navigate to their products. Also provide advanced search options that will help customers in finding products easily.

Use High Resolution Images

Make your site visually attractive by using high resolution images for your product. Showcase your products in the best promising way. Use zoom effects and used images of products clicked from varied angles to have a better image display.

Offer Detailed Product Info

Provide as much information as possible about your product to satisfy your customer queries. This will surely trigger great conversion-rate. Make the product description interesting and engaging.

Call to Action Images

Make your call-to-action buttons clear and impressive along with the use of visuals and make them easy to find. These visuals must be persuasive in nature so that it will persuade shoppers to buy your products.

Make Your Shopping Cart Always Visible

Customers are generally in a habit of checking what all products they have added into the shopping cart. Its always good if you provide easy and nonstop access to their shopping carts. It is best to place the shopping cart at the right hand top corner of your site.

Free Shipping

High shipping charges will surely kill conversion rates. It is found that 55% of customers abandon shopping carts because of shipping costs. Be sure about the pricing.

Never Distract Shoppers

Your checkout process should only include necessary info, make sure that nothing else distracts your customers. Some eCommerce sites use product ads on the checkout page or links which are generally annoying and distracting.

Featured Products Info

It is always good to project featured products on the landing page. This will help the customers to focus on what they intend to purchase and will in turn boost the conversion rates.


Offer precise information related to offers and must be clearly visible on your website. The best way is to put it on the home page to boost up your conversion rates. Make sure that they are catchy for your customers. You can also place discounts and incentives related to specific product on the product’s page.

Offer Your Contact Information

Including contact information on will improve customers’ trust which is an integral part of the overall online shopping. Customers who trust you will surely purchase from your site and you can best get their trust by just providing all your contact info.


Start utilizing the incredible feature of up-sell goods where you can provide options of product related to the one your customer is buying. It is found that around 60% of customers buy an up-sell product for the product they already bought.

Offer Your Story

Let your customers know how you started this business and other related stories. This will help to stand apart from you competitors. Make your story influencing, unique, humorous and appealing. You can even use About Us page for this by linking it in your website navigation.


Make sure you use relevant Graphics that are well-placed, clean, and unique. Try to reduce unnecessary texts that are misplaced or less required.

Search Engine Optimization

Constantly carry out your SEO efforts accurately. Use relevant titles, keywords and proper Meta data. Use correct names for the images. Have titles that are clear and descriptive.

Last but not the least offer enough social proof to your customers. It will definitely be a powerful conversion rate driver. Apply all these techniques in your eCommerce shopping portal, you will surely find a drastic rise in the conversion rate... Start utilizing and growing!!

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