Conversion Rate Optimization is a technique to get higher percentage of web visitors who would take part in some action and become a customer. A conversion is the particular action that you want your website visitor to perform on your landing page or the website. It may include downloading, buy, register, etc. Mainly, the event of conversion changes a web visitor to a customer.

The process mainly requires analyzing the web traffic. It is also necessary to make sure that every page is receiving traffic from the right source. It is also important to reduce the number of calls-to-action as minimum as possible and ensure that they match with the potential aim of the visitor who would come across the landing page. It is always good to reduce visual distractions on the landing page so as to focus the user’s eyes on the task that will make them turn into a customer.

At times people might like your website and spend some time clicking on different pages. But, they might not actually buy your product or ‘convert’ them into your customers. At Connecting Dots, our team will help you to remove the issues that stop people from getting converted into customers, opening the way for higher sales.

Connecting Dots and Conversion Rate Optimization

At Connecting Dots, we offer full-service optimization solution for best results. Starting from A/B and split testing to Multivariate tests. We will also analyze your website using web analytics, based on the design, content, development and implementation. Our flexible approaches along with our experience help us to effectively offer solutions for your problems. We will provide you the test results that indicate the variants that would give maximum conversions.

With us, you can considerably improve your conversion without the requirement of additional efforts from your promotion team. We have an expert team of consultants, who will help you to improve the online results by building optimum conversion optimization strategy for you. Our experts design and test based on valid hypotheses, controlled tests, and then evaluate the results for improvement.

Before deciding upon what to test, we first learn about your business, then spot the positive aspects that will encourage visitors to get converted, and the problems that cause visitors to drop of the process. This helps us to effectively address the issues. Then we start to experiment and run different tests on your site.  With the conclusions that we derive after the tests, we identify the required improvements across the whole site thus offering way for improved conversion rates. We eliminate all unnecessary requests for information by the users and streamline the process through which they will be ready to make a purchase or request services.

However, Conversion Rate Optimization is a continuing process, and we all keep testing, learning and refining our strategies over time.