Logo designing Logo represents a brand and offers corporate image. It serves as a recognition of the brand to the clients or general public. The demands for good logo are increasing every day. One has to research and seek advice from your client about the message that the logo will convey. Online research is another option so as to avoid similarities and to bring uniqueness in the design. Certain common methods of logo designing include use of different font designs, using negative space, use of colours for conveying the meaning and background designing etc. Some of the latest trends in logo designing are mosaic patterns, energetic, focused, revealing and tessellation. Even though it looks easy, it is a huge challenge to make a logo that grabs the attention in a right way. Marketing collateral Marketing Collateral plays a significant role on how a business is perceived by the clients or customers. The importance of such professional materials for communicating about ones brands or business is increasing as the competition increases. One must keep in mind the intended audience, based on this your messages can be simple or technical. Same goes with the images and the design used. The use of graphics designing may be helpful these days, one can also include maps and geographical markers for location branding. Also make sure you use minimum design which will create maximum impact similar to the branded names like Apple, Nike etc. All one has to make sure is the accuracy in information, use of catchy punch lines, apt representation of brands, and the use of formats that best suits them, to have impact on the prospects. UI and UX design User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design technique uses a combination of frameworks, methods and tools which will help in evolving beautiful design. UX designing considers user understanding which in turn makes your design powerful. Creating a structure of idea with the requirements suggested by the users and clients, conducting task analysis and then stepping into the designing and development phase will be helpful. User Interface (UI) design techniques builds applications which can meet the user requirements and makes website easy for them to use. Some of the things to be considered while UI designing is the clarity in design structure, simplicity and flexibility. Other important aspects of UI and UX designing includes need of navigation between pages, use of colour contrast rule, effective alignment of fields and ensure consistency in design. Designers must keep in mind that a website which is difficult to use will never be used.