Does Cross Sell kill Your Conversion?

Most of the eCommerce sites offer product recommendations on their eCommerce sites as they consider that this increases conversion and the average order value. However, most of them don’t know what type of conversion rates they get when visitors preview their up-sells and cross-sells on their product pages.

Since most of the e-retailers do not measure the effectiveness of product recommendations, it means that very few are optimizing their performance. The performance of your product recommendations mainly depends on how well they are tuned and where all you display them.

Otherwise, you will never know if cross-sells lower the conversion of your site. Yes! This can happen.

Product Page Merchandising

Product recommendations can be in several ways. You can simply display more items in the same category that matches the keyword with the complementary items. This is called cross-sells. Up sells include more expensive versions of the same item that people have viewed and bought. Your choice of suggestions and their placement impact your success.

It’s time to find out your product page conversion goal

What is the primary success metric of your product page? Is it conversion? No, it is ‘Not’. It is the successful Add to Cart. If your customer feels that the products are not worth adding to the cart, it can lead you to cart abandonment. Thus, it is important that you offer navigation tools and other ways of merchandising that will help you prevent site abandonment. Showing more things like the same they are searching for will keep the customer exploring on your site and maybe they finally get converted.

Sometimes this can also go the other way, which you might have never thought about.

There might be a case where the shopper is completely satisfied with your product and is ready to buy it. However, he decides to just have a look at the more similar options that you have presented to the customer. Seeing some of them, he may get confused whether to buy his choice or think again and have a check on the other products. This causes him to take some time to think and this slows down his decision making process increasing the chance of site abandonment. This means that the placement of your up sells and cross-sells product recommendations are actually working against your primary goal.

Cross-Sell Test on the Product Pages

Cross-sells are little different than displaying the similar products. Displaying items from different categories on your product page suggests the customers to switch their mental thoughts from the type of product that the customer came looking for to another category that is completely different. You might be utilizing cross-sells in the hope that it will increase the cart size. However, you need to do this after your customer has already added some products into the cart. This can be done in the cart itself rather than presenting recommendations on the product page and distracting customers.

Segmentation of Results to Refine Your Strategy

Observe every category properly and then decide which recommendations perform the best. In case of lower product prices, recommendations like “who bought have also bought” is applicable. You can offer options to customize and make one’s own bundle of products. This will be successful if products are well known and do not require more clicks to decide.

Remember that the role of product page is not only to increase the carat size, its main aim is to get at least one product into the cart. Cross sell can be a secondary goal that will be shown to the customer when he doesn’t find anything interesting and relevant enough. This will help them to stick around your site all together.

This should be kept in mind while developing and testing your strategies on the product pages.

Different products require different merchandising strategies. Thus, it is always best that you display cross-sells appropriately on the cart pages than on the product pages to improve effectiveness.

Now test it to see if that works for your site.