eCommerce Marketing Tactics That Can Help You Stop Your Money Loss

As an eCommerce store owner, you will be always searching out the new ways to drive traffic. Isn’t it? How many hours have you invested in this? What about the energy and the cost incurred? Was this new method effective enough to drive traffic? Or you still face low conversions or even none?

We have all types of tools to drive traffic. However, most of them don’t work as expected. There are many reasons for this. Consider your eCommerce store as a plate. You spent a lot of time and energy to fill this plate with food (traffic). Your plate has very big holes in it. So you keep spending your time and energy and to fill the plate and the food gets wasted due to the holes as soon as you fill.

This time we have come up with some marketing tactics that will help you convert visitors. It will also help you bring back the qualified visitors who once ended up leaving your web-store.

So, let’s start clearing the holes.  

What Are These Holes?

There are several holes that almost every eCommerce store has in their plates. They can be poor quality product images and product descriptions, confusing navigation, and high shipping costs.

How an eCommerce Sale Happen?

Customers don't purchase in the first time when they visit your shopping site. Most of them require multiple nudges to get converted. This may take days or even weeks. When a customer leaves your site, the experience they had will help you to make them come back and purchase. 

By implementing marketing tactics, you can improve the chance to make a sale. And can also bring the qualified people back to your website.

Let us now take an example of a company that executes marketing tactics flawlessly.

Let us name it STAR. STAR utilizes the marketing strategy to get the best possible ROI. It does several critical things to keep their visitors in plate and implement strategies to bring the customers who fall out of the plate back to get the most. 

Let us now purchase at this online store and see what they do.

STAR has taken a lot of time to develop a great shop with beautiful photography and product descriptions. STAR also implemented key conversion optimization tactics. So, what else they do?

Let’s add a product to shopping cart and check out. Ok, we choose an iPad cover.

Hey, what’s this? Some up-sell that suggests other products have popped up. Let’s check them. Ok, we’ll add a Case Wallet too.

Oh! $220, this is little expensive. Maybe, buy some other time. So we closed the tab.

Wow, something popped up again... 10% off on joining the email list. Let’s add our email, we can use the 10% discount later. 

After a day:

Email from STAR? What are they saying?

Oh! They are offering 20% off on their products. This is pretty tempting. The case is still expensive.

The second day, while browsing a retargeting message from STAR hits again. Which says the products that you were looking a few days before is again with 30% off. Come back and complete the purchase.

Ok, ok… In Facebook also we saw something similar and striking. Then why not purchase? 30% off is a good deal.

STAR's marketing is not ended yet. After making the purchase, we get a referral offer. STAR offers $20 as a reward for every person we refer and even people referred will get 15% off for the first purchase. That’s great!

What Exactly Is STAR Doing?

As you go through the above example, we see that they are doing many things and have a comprehensive marketing plan that can make the most from their traffic, paid or organic. They implemented several tactics to keep customers in their plate and bring the qualified visitors back.

Let's take a look on every tactic in detail: 

Product Up-sell – Up-sell are important as they offer you last opportunity to present complimentary products to the customers in which they might be interested and help you increase your average order.

Newsletter Sign Up and Popup - Upon realizing that you don’t want to purchase now and trying to leave, the site display a last minute secondary call-to-action. Here, STAR tries to make you sign up to newsletter by providing you 10% off in a hope that this 10% will make you complete the purchase. Popup signups are the one that convert higher than the standard SignUp forms. The emails collected can be used to bring the visitors back.

Abandoned Cart Email - Abandoned cart emails are important for eCommerce. On an average 68% people abandon the carts. These are the people who are well interested in your products and have completed the first step of checkout and somehow decided to quit at that point. Abandoned cart emails help you bring the customer back to complete the purchase when it is fresh in their minds.

Adwords Retargeting - The next day STAR began retargeting that help you reinforce your brand and remind your visitors about your products. Here, STAR offered 30% to come back. Retargeting ads are more effective than the online ads.

Facebook Retargeting - Again, a few days later, customers are retargeted on Facebook with the same 30% off deal.

Referral Offer – When the order is completed STAR gives $20 credit to the customers to refer friends and gave all referrals 15% off on the first buy. Referral marketing is important as it gives the opportunity to make your happy customers talk about you. People purchase products from the web-store that friends recommend.

It takes a lot of hard work and money to drive traffic to your online store. Thus, a solid foundation is important. Make sure that you make the most from every visitor you drive to your site.

So, don’t leave holes in your plate. Start clearing it today!