Extended Development Center Customer Engagement through an Extended Development Center (EDC) is another prime area we are focusing into. An EDC generally have a dedicated team of professionals for serving your long-term product development and support needs, focusing on core activities of your business. This dedicated team will nurture the growth and evolution of your product over multiple years. What is an EDC and How it helps? Extended Development Centre (EDC) also known as Offshore Development Centre (ODC) is one of the business models by which a provision of offshore programming is undertaken. An EDC contains dedicated team which works exclusively on behalf of the customer at the service provider's site or their own captive site in a secure environment. The infrastructure and security can be designed to meet the customer's specific standards and specifications, the closer the synergy between an EDC and an organization's own IT/development department the better. The ultimate goal is for an EDC is to be a seamless extension of an organization's IT department. The initial phase requires accomplishing the infrastructure set up for the EDC - which would include setting up of the Physical Infrastructure such as Office equipment & Development Environment and also the assignment of professionals with relevant skill sets to the EDC. This phase takes around 4-6 weeks time. The next phase is very critical for the long term functioning of the EDC. This phase deals with setting up functional process, which will be implemented and improved upon throughout the life of the EDC. A detailed discussion is held to decide on the process to set up the Communication protocol, Operational efficiency/Reporting structure, Specific roles and responsibilities assigned to specific personnel. How EDC helps: • Access to a rich and large pool of IT Skills • Cost Arbitrage • Variable Head count loading • Stretching the day through time-zone benefits: helps in time-to-market; support etc. • A path to Captive Setup