Fragmented World of Semantic Search

The new search engine offers personalized touch to your search results and delivers the best possible results for your queries. Google has given a customized touch to its search engine results pages, thus began the fragmentation process of the search engine result page. You may also like to read our earlier post on ‘There is not 1st page of Google anymore’.

Now, Google search results pages are not identical for same search queries offered from different parts of the world. It now draws the results from its local index, based on your IP address.

But what about the results for those living in same indices or area of Google Index???

Will they see same results for an identical search query???

This is no longer the case....

This is mainly because of stickiness, which can be described as the average time per month a visitor spend in a site or network, it can be a page view for a website or the number of visitors for a search engine. It captures the end-user usage data and uses it to create sense of online behavior of a visitor.

Google has tried to keep up with the end-user preferences based on their usage, due to which Google has itself fragmented across interfaces. Let us say that in mobile, end-users use Google Voice Search, in tablets they might use a combination of regular search and Google Voice Search. Google has now become a predictive search engine which now draws conclusions mainly from localization and your personal web search history.

Now for every business all focus has to be on search engine marketing and search engine optimization, as it has now become increasingly time consuming and difficult. Now the search engine is mainly powered by data. It all depends on the information you have provided on your website, the online behavior of people associated with your business, the connection between data you create, and how they are used.

What Google needs is good quality content and what you need is better business. By creating good content in your website you are basically offering good data to Google which will be found on the Web. The will improve your Web presence thus helping your business grow. The power has shifted from websites to people across the Web. Now it is not about B2B or B2C it is about H2H (Human To Human)

The contents that we share are portable and can be used across the Web, but our history of interaction, the connections we make, the kind of content we like is not easy to transport. Semantic technology keeps on changing and implementing new relationships patterns in a similar way as we human learn new things. Thus the results are also more humanly in nature. The new search is now computational in nature. It offers results based on inferences. The new semantic search has an advanced caching system that stores answers that are already processed. So whenever we need that result the search engine can retrieve them quickly.

Just work upon your content and feel the difference!!

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