Get your ERP integration with Magento up and running in weeks!

ERP integration with Magento

Having a good supporting system is quintessential to the success of eCommerce business. Having an ERP system is very important. For Startups and companies just venturing into eCommerce, having an enterprise level ERP system does not make economic sense (unless you are strapped on with VC money rocket). There are many open source ERPs (like Open ERP) which can be integrated to your Magento system.

Once you decide to have an ERP system in place, the next challenge is its Integration with your eCommerce system. Here you will find various ways, models and effort quotes from vendors ranging from $10K to $1 Ml+ (O yeah!) and timelines from months to years... now what would you do? At Connecting Dots we have devised a simple model of integration with any ERP system with your Magento eCom system where you can be up and running in just a few weeks time!

We have broken down the essential integration points to have a smooth system for your fledgling eCom operations. Conceptually, there are two kind of information that need to be managed, one coming into the ERP system from Magento (or your eCom system), and other into Magento from the ERP system. The system basically works on he following model:

- We can build a Magento-ERP bridge where the data is moved into and out of the ERP using CSV or XML files that are dropped on a common FTP directory which both parties can access.

- The XMLs generated from Magento to ERP are Customer Info and Order Info which are real time.  An XML file will be pushed to the FTP directory whenever a new order or a customer is created.  ERP server has to read this xml file, parse it and push the relevant info to the ERP database.

- The XMLs generated from ERP to Magento are Customer Info, Invoice, Credit Memo, Order Cancellation and Product Info.  Magento server has to read the xml files, parse it and push the info to Magento database.

We can run this script daily once during midnight when there is less traffic to pull in this info, we will need info in xml/CSV format from the ERP System.

ERP Integration with Magento System

Interface details

Product Details Extract from ERP to E-Com

The interface will extract product details from ERP including weights, dimensions, descriptions, price etc. of the products.

Inventory Extract from ERP to E-Com

This will extract inventory information from ERP to keep track of what is in stock or out of stock.

Credit Memo Extract from ERP to E-Com

This will extract credit memo information from ERP and post it to web database.

Order Interfaces from E-Com to ERP

This interface will pass sales orders to ERP based on the orders from the website.  Please note this interface will need to create orders on account or fully paid orders.

Order Cancellation Extract from ERP to E-Com

This interface will extract cancelled orders in ERP.

Customer Details Extract from ERP to E-Com and vice versa

This will extract customer information from ERP such as the name, billing address, shipping address etc and post it to the web database.

Customer Contact Details Update from E-Com to ERP and vice versa

When a customer amends customer information such as contact or address information then that information is transmitted to ERP via this interface and updated on the customer account.