Hiring Director of eCommerce and Projects

Dear Warrior,

Connecting Dots (www.cdotsys.com) is a full service eCommerce and digital solutions start-up. We need a Tech warrior to lead our eCommerce Practice (we are Magento and Hybris partners currently), someone who can grow the eCommerce practice team from 20 people currently to at-least 100 people in next 2 years, build underlying control systems and manage the show!

We are looking for someone passionate about technology and business of technology, someone who eats, drinks and sleeps PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS (good if you have Magento knowledge/experience, else you will pick up this and more quickly) and is willing to explore other technologies on a regular basis to add to his/her arsenal.

You need to be hands-on and work as part of your team coding as well along with leading the team. You also need to have good common sense along with technology (don't worry if you feel you do not have a good business sense currently, if you have a good common sense, you'll develop it while working with us). You need to be an entrepreneur at heart and should be willing to give more than 100% to the work.

Please be aware that we are a start-up and you will be joining a battleground! people who are looking for comfortable, cosy jobs and 9 to 5 environments, please do not waste your time applying, you'll not survive here, if you are willing to explore and extend your horizons, grow your capabilities multifold, do something extraordinary, develop and strengthen your leadership and 'success in life' DNA, most welcome!

Remuneration is part salary part revenue share: Rs. 50K pm fixed + 1% of the revenue of your practise to start with.. It all depends upon you and how you grow the practise and lead from front. 100 people practise does around $1.5-2 Ml.. do your Maths.

Folks who are looking to start their own ventures in some time and want to get real time experience of the trenches before jumping in, welcome! you are at the right place. We will help you incubate your venture within 3 years time if you prove yourself here!

Write to me at saurabh@cdotsys.com or fee to call me at +91 7760177330 anytime.


Co-Founder and CEO
Connecting Dots