How can you spread Your Content Everywhere!!

In our last few blogs, we have discussed a lot about website rankings and importance of content. Content has a direct impact on the overall website rankings. It is important that the content you produce is shared, viewed, commented on and has the ability to engage and attract users, it also influences your overall search rankings as it brings high traffic to your website which in turn is a big weight in Google ranking algorithm. This also makes your website trusted by Google since it treats visitor engagement as a validatory sign of trust and credibility.

But it is almost difficult to predict what type of content might go viral. Content that goes viral has to be discovered by some influencers, and liked by them. Social media is a tremendous ecosystem where people engage with your content and spread it to their ecosystem and network.

Content Marketing

Now what is important is the quality of your content. People are generally selective about the content they share.

Google analytics offers Ripples that helps us to view the spread pattern of your content.

There is no one simple way you can make your content go viral. But to make your content being appreciated it must have:

• A topic that is popular or trendy.

• Some element that will flare some reaction in the targeted audience.

• The right time, when it is should be posted or released. If it is posted while most of the targeted audiences are offline, it might go unnoticed, as a lot of things happen every bit of a second on the Web.

  • Content that can polarize people.. iron sticks to poles right? It creates strong emotional connect to those for whom it is written for.

• A very sensitive topic. Topic catches the attention of the visitors. If the topic is controversial and adds information to the visitors from both the ends, it might be shared by them.

• The type of influencers who will share the content. You need to identify their area of interests and then decide the topic. So depending on the types of subject, influencers might accept or reject your content from sharing. They can be considered as gatekeepers who will allow you to open up in the social channels. You need to engage with them, understand them to make them like your content.

As we told that there is no simple way to make every content go viral, if you follow the above conditions, things might work in your favor.

                                           Content Marketing

It is best to use the social media networks to broadcast your content, as its continuous sharing and commenting will make Google understand its importance. It is better to find out what your content lacks and hinders it from going viral.

As we always say, just make your content unique, and try to offer useful information that your followers would like to know. Next you need to be honest and straightforward, so as to gain their trust. If you cope up to create the type of content that translates the passion you have towards your business, things will start working.. have patience and keep at it. Try to include your experiences and case studies that will have an intense impact on your visitors, making it re-sharable.

Use of contents like images, videos, and infographics, or any combination of these, will boost your opportunities to gather attention, improving likeability of your content, which will turn your potential customers into buyers.

As you might have already started to focus on your content, all you want is-

Make your content appear in all Social Networks.....

And go Viral!!!