Importance of Context and Relevance in the New Semantic Web

Semantic Web

Every small thing has its own value. Even a best piece of content or a most accomplished video will have no value if they are posted online having setting that doesn’t accept these codes. The new semantic web now understands the value of every content and understands the real meaning in it. This in turn helps these contents to reach the right audience. This shows how important context and relevance has become in the modern search.

Semantic search now relates to a search query with all possible content, but presents only the relevant context. It may be based on the search history and interests of the user, interaction of the user in the social networks on specific topics, and the search patterns and behavior of other users in case of similar search queries.

Context and relevance can re-purpose contents and make them appear as results of search queries. The quality, authenticity and value of the content are all that matters. The relationship between content and quality, along with context, can be used to create comprehensive search ranking strategy. Context and relevance are the two elements determining the value and meaning of a particular piece of content. They can be useful in inferring the meaning of any content before displaying it in search results in response to a search query. Context is the key to all information contained in content, which can be offered as a solution that will have real value to the receiver.


Context is important and is the key element for reputation management. Let us now understand some factors that define context.

• Relationship: How your content interacts with other community.

Knowledge: How informative is your content.

Experience: How experienced you are in the subjects that you promote through your contents.

Credentials: What are your credentials that allow you to have an authority in any particular content.

Competence:  How capable you are? This in turn builds the trust that people have on you.

Faith: Companies or brands, who have established the above, can then find that people are now inclined to have faith in them.


Relevance focuses on the connecting points that are behind the search results which show up as the answer to any relevant search query. Now there is an authenticity in all search results that Google offers. So it is better to express the concepts of context and relevance in every online activity that you undertake and effectively utilize them.

In the world of Web, content can be treated as a form of currency. Like acquiring money makes one rich, same is in the case of accumulating good quality contents and related interactions, which have relevance. This will offer you appreciation which in turn makes you reputable. Content and reputation can be now considered as digital wealth.

The uncertainty in the search results can be reduced only by imparting some knowledge and understanding, which is offered by Ontology. This will help the search engine to connect the fragmented parts of any search query and use it to establish some meaning, and then understand them in the same way as we do. This will allow search to derive actionable conclusions. This makes our new SEO think in the similar way as we do.

So, in the era of new search, anything will gain attention only if it has some relevance to what one needs.

So, why not focus on creating relevant contents?

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