How Important Is the Analysis of the Visitors Search on Your eCommerce Site?

A good eCommerce site requires constant check. You have to monitor what is going on. If you ignore it and still expect that it will continue earning you money, and then even if you consider it as your money making tree, unless you don’t water it and care regularly you will be let down. There are several things that get ignored in the case of eCommerce shopping portals.

One such thing is the site search. It can tell you several things about your visitors that can be then used to improve conversions. So, never ignore it.

Using Magento you can easily list the searches carried out by your visitors. This will include information like the phrases that were used, the number of times they were used, and the pages that were served as the result. This is valuable information. Till now if you have not checked this information, better start it now. Magento eCommerce platform has the feature that will help you to redirect any search result to a URL. With this feature you can force the search to offer specific category page, or a list of products filtered using a layered navigation attribute, or a landing page that reflects the search phrase.

If you have an eCommerce portal running for a specific time period, and still you have not analyzed your search information, then the best way is to clear all old data and wait for a week to know about the most recent data.

After that you need to sort the list to check the popular search terms. This will help you to know what your visitors are looking for on your site.

At times, some search terms may not relate to what you offer. This means that the visitors are searching for things you don’t offer. Then what attracted these visitors? What other thing is there on your site that attracted these visitors to you from the search engines? Using these phrases check whether your site appears on the search results? What all pages have Google indexed based on the relevancy of these phrases? By doing this you will be able to adjust your web-store in such a way that Google indexes your site by using better phrases.

Now, since you have some of these visitors looking for what you don’t sell, better than making them leave your site as soon as they get the results, you better start selling these products and convert some of them to customers. In case you are not interested in selling these products then redirect the search results to landing page that offer these products and offer affiliate links to other sites where people can buy these products. With this also you can gain some money.

Generally, there are popular search phrases used by the visitors that need proper analysis before planning any change of stock. However, due to the increased interest in certain product categories, you may decide to sell them. But, which one? For this you can create a landing page and split all items in it, and redirect visitors using the Magento redirect search facility to this landing page. You can then see where the visitors actually go and check the products. Then you can include such products in your stock.

Another thing, that is related to your search phrase are the items that you sell a lot. In such case it should be clearly shown on your menu structure. It is good to use the search data to review the menu structure to make things clearer for the visitors.

The next thing to do is look at the search results. It is true that you will have to invest several billions to create algorithms that offer relevant results just like Google and Bing. Your search will not be that good. It might display fewer products, wrong products, or too many products. It will never become 100 percent correct. Again, using Magento redirect when your results are misleading, you can redirect them to relevant category, or list of products filtered based on the key attribute selected from the search phrase. If no such category exists and in case the phrase is popular, consider creating them.

Once you start customizing your search results to offer better answer the visitors, check whether your bounce rate improved? Or did visitors stay longer on your site? Did they view more pages? Has your conversion rate improved? Did you earn more money? Any changes you do, you must make sure you have improved or not. Make changes slowly and also test the results. For a long term gain, a steady improvement is far better than trying to gain all at once.

One final suggestion, in case nothing works and all your search results are offering misleading results, better drop your site search. This will force the visitors to use the navigation available in your site in the way you designed it for them. This may not work for all sites, still why not test it rather than misleading people.