How Important is Trust and Author Rank for your Website

Trust and Author Rank

Trust is one that cannot be established that easily, but if established it is worth a million. In the world of website where fancy logos, sleek websites, and heavy advertising is considered as conmen, trust becomes an additional quality that can be achieved after a company or a brand meets its online target audience. Trust building has become much harder exercise.

The success of any online store is to make their customers visit their website and buy products again and again. But the problem is, now a day anyone can set up an eCommerce website, can assure anything, and can even sell anything. The behaviour of the owners cannot be guaranteed. Trust is achieved when one has dealt directly with a company or in indirect way where we seek third-party opinions before trusting.

On Web the most popular third-party suggestion is the search itself. Google invests a large amount of resources for establishing credentials. When users carry out search, they trust Google to deliver the most relevant results. So, a business or brand first needs to convince Google of its authenticity and trustworthiness. Once you prove Google that you are worthy of recommendation in search, you can sit back and enjoy the commercial success that you deserve.

Trust and Authority

It is perfectly logical to assume that the validity of content on the Web, its trustworthiness and its authority, rests more with its creator.

Google has now put in place Google+ an online identity service. There has been a transition from a web consisting of websites and their authority to a web consisting of people.

At this point of time a company or brand needs to:

• Set a monetary value to reputation, which is the willingness of total strangers to trust you when they have no direct experience of you.

• Improve sales that have a monetary value. It helps clarify your goals when you know, first what your reputation is worth to you in terms of sales.

• Understanding the need of customers to build and maintain trust. Check the content you create and share has certain style and authority. Communicate as much as you can with your customers

Ranking and Reputation Scores

Having an algorithm judge your reputation is no easy thing. On the Web there are no gestures, voice cues, or body language. So you have to somehow work with what you have, i.e. people, content, and websites.

If you have created a piece of content that you placed on your blog for promotion of yourself, it can be stolen. Content creators often find their content getting stolen and used to outrank their own sites.

Author Rank is the natural solution of Google’s patent. It assigns a specific value to a content creator and then uses that value to further rank the page that this person has created. Certainly the company indexes and stores the information, but the exact synthesis and the weight it ascribes to it is never made very clear. It checks who created the content and their past creations, their social media connections and online activity, and their interaction with other people. It checks how the content was received in a social media setting, its quality, authority, and originality.

This indicates that in the world of semantic search, interactivity can be refined. By adding data attributes one can use an algorithm as a judge of quality of online profile or website. Google uses Google+ as a primary source of information to gather all data. It also uses the Web like Twitter, Facebook, and comments on forums and blogs for cross-referencing everything.

Trust matters because it governs search rankings in SERPs. It also governs how frequently your website is served in Google’s semantic search results as an answer to search queries.

Successful preparation for the semantic web requires a number of steps related directly to Author Rank. Use of Google search to promote your brand needs your company personnel to amplify your digital presence. Decide how you can leverage their online presence as a whole to help promote your website and digital marketing efforts. Check for the areas of content creation in your business that are being overlooked and that could be better used. Encourage your staff to share content they are passionate about and find ways to include your company content in some of that sharing. Decide how you can more closely link your company’s reputation to those who work in it.

Never forget that businesses that are trusted get more visitors and make more sales!!

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