How to Add Value to the Campaigns Using the Site Search Data

Big Data has been highly influential for the eCommerce marketers as it has helped them to learn more about the type of customers. Not only this, it has also helped them to understand the shoppers’ behaviour, the way they purchase, what they buy and why they don’t buy. This way eCommerce marketers could do a better job of merchandising products along with improving the customer service ultimately strengthening the loyalty of the customers. Mining these types of important reserves of data takes a lot of time and efforts. It is also very difficult to know which data really matters.

 Here we will discuss a much simpler way to open the door towards the reports on how your customers browse products and buy them. This is mainly done by examining the data related to your site search.

Data related to the site search offers valuable insights. However, very few online marketers utilize their time to go through this vast treasure of information. A survey conducted by SLI Systems shows that 57percent of the online marketers don’t use the site search reports and other such information to improve their marketing programs or to improve their business programs or processes. This result is actually very bad! Because, as we mentioned earlier, there is a vast amount of business intelligence available that can be a treasure for marketers and can help them win a lot more sales that may have otherwise closed all doors for them.

This time we have come up with some good ideas for utilizing the search data that will help you to get high value out of the marketing campaigns and that will make things much more relevant to your potential customers.

Now you can drive higher clicks from your paid search

You always need a set of new keyword terms for the paid search campaigns. In this case site search data will be very helpful. The keywords that your customers use while searching a well known product on your website do have more chances to get a good click-through rate. You can achieve a great success using the keyword terms that are available from the top searches on your online portal for your Google AdWords campaigns. This will also help you a lot in lowering the bounce rate almost by 40% and will also increase the page views to a great extent. So start adding the keywords available from the search for your campaigns and find the difference.

Better targeted email marketing

These days, consumers get a lot of mails related to campaigns, due to this they generally ignore them or find ways to avoid these marketers’ emails. For this, you will have to offer them messages that directly relate to the exact products that they are searching for or really want to buy. Data available from the site search will help you to determine what type of brands and items should be used as the highlight in case of personalized emails to grab more customers’ attention.

For example, you can feature products that the recipient has searched on your website using site search and you can also include the top selling items from their favourite brands. Sending marketing emails with the links to specific products from different brands that the recipient love, will be highly helpful. This will surely increase your click-through rates and eventually the sales revenue.

Improve accuracy in search

When a visitor enters your eCommerce web-store and launches a search and finds what she was searching for, there is an increased chance that the visitor gets converted. If they don’t find the searched item, there is a chance that they will abandon your eCommerce site. It is good to analyze the search data regularly, and then add a helpful link of products to the search terms that deliver poor or no results for a productive search.

Increase conversions with banners and landing pages

Using the site search data you can create more compelling banners and custom landing pages that will appear when a visitor search on your online portal for a particular product or reach your site after clicking a search engine result. You can use them to build custom landing pages by utilizing the keywords that visitors use during the site searches. This can help increase the average conversion rate of the featured products.

Site search data can expose many secrets, don’t ignore them, use this info to improve your marketing techniques and increase sales.