How to capture Online User Attention

You might have already started to create a lot more content to exert a pull on visitors, but are they effective??? You might be thinking the same...

 It is found that the top five Google search results receive 87% of user attention.

Here we discuss ways to attract your customers.

To disrupt the ongoing online activities of the target users and capture their attention to your contents you need some tools. This includes certain features, activities and metrics. Here we will take a look on all of these.


Snippets: These are short extracts of information that show up in Google search with relation to search query. This generally have the displayed URL, title with bold keywords matching the query, and description to stimulate the visitors to click on the link. Thus, snippets are critical in influencing clicking actions.


You might be only focusing on the content part overlooking the title or description part. The title and meta description of your content has very important role in marketing yourself. They are the one that influence clicking actions and bring traffic to your site.

Content description: The meta description of your content helps you to provide a proper summary of your page on the search engine display like a reflection. One needs to be careful while crafting good quality description as it has to be within 150 characters having every chance to get failed. Also you must avoid having weird things in the title or description. You need to inculcate the art of writing good snippets and titles for good marketing.

Structured data: The new search gives importance to structured data, which can be used to provide your site’s information in a vibrant format. This helps the search engine to present appropriate details along with some added functionality. This added functionality in search results will increase the chances of engaging with users. Structured data includes ratings, Micro-data, Micro-formats, and RDFa.

High quality images: The new search engine is advanced and superior in case of image search, compared to older one and can be used to improve engagement and promote websites using quality picture contents. You can use them as an additional supply to improve website traffic.


Social Sharing: Everybody must have a social footprint, as there is every chance that you get abandoned otherwise. Google now indexes what type of content you share, when you share, who you share it with, and what impact it generates. This will have a great impact on your business.

Engagement: Having a good social media presence can improve customer engagement. Google starts to trust you based on the links and contents you generate and the amount of engagements you have based on the subject matter. Now you only need to generate and sustain engagement.


Click Through Rate (CTR): It is used to assess the overall quality of your website, this makes it important and you need to monitor and control it. The average position of your content in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is found in Google Analytic. You can check out every pages of your website and the one offering poor performance needs to be modified to boost user attention. Also it is always good to implement authorship using the rel=author tag along with continuously updating your website contents.

Depth: Just having small interactions with visitors or customers will not make much difference. You need to have deeper interactions to generate some useful results. You need to be committed towards your online digital marketing strategies. Amplifying online conversation with your customers is the best way to improve engagement and turns your followers from possible buyers to brand evangelists. You need to be careful in determining your brand value and while communicating with followers. 

All these will help you to put your content, business notes, and brands in front of target audiences who seek information, sharing stories and content, and check for online purchases through Web.

Think apps

Think App

Mobiles have twisted almost everything, the way we interact, and do business. You can attract your audience through mobile apps. Apps can be used to deliver customized content to the users and also they can be used to capture user data which are necessary for digital marketing. Apps help you improve direct engagement with users and grow your reach. Start an app and capture mobile users’ interest!!!!

Last but not the least, coming back to the way you draft your content, like we always say do focus on popular and edgy topics, create a spark in the viewers, and post them on right time.

So get started and get a lot more attention!!!

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