How to Increase Facebook Likes

Social Media today is ubiquitous. One cannot conceive a brand building and marketing effort without involving social as a critical component of the strategy. Facebook as we know is a critical component of the equation and doing it right is very important. Now with the emphasis on engagement on Social as an important component of ranking algorithm, this has become even more important for SEO perspective. So you see though the conversion rates from Social can be debated.. the social presence and engagement has a critical role to play when it comes to your lead generation from search engines as well.

Every eCommerce business is trying to improve their Facebook presence. Facebook posts and Likes are currently the best way to engage people and make them do some purchases. In the current post we enlist a few important method using which you can generate engagement on your company’s facebook profile:

Make Content Rich Facebook Tabs

Your content matters a lot, the way you present it is critical. Use Tint ( to create attractive content heavy Facebook tabs. You can also gather relevant news from different publishers and showcase it on your page. Share these tabs among different communities that generate lot of traffic on Facebook. Now, when people see your content rich tabs the likelihood of people liking your Facebook page increases.

Suggest to Friends

Facebook Pages have a link in the sidebar named “Suggest to Friends”, where you can recommend your Facebook page to your friends, who will like it just because they’re your friends.

Post Images on Status Updates and Links

Start updating your Facebook status with relevant, attractive, humorous, and compelling images. Also do this in case of every post that you share. It definitely shows good results. It is found that including powerful images give you more likes compared to your simple status update or posts. So the more likes you get, the more exposed it will be. Analyzing the Facebook algorithm shows that the content that gets some likes the moment it is published is sure to go viral.

Facebook Ads

Posting Facebook Ads is the easiest way to get likes for your page. But it is necessary to effectively manage your Facebook Ads and make the best one out of your limited budget. It is really good to conduct A/B test every ad you post. Then analyze performance based on the following variables and make changes accordingly:

  • Change target audience based on interests
  • Gender
  • Geo targeting
  • Bidding for price
  • Timing of visibility

It is good to optimize bidding price for improving your Ad’s reach. Optimize the bid by considering various options. Vary the time during which your Ad will be visible to your audiences. It is found that most Ads performed well during early mornings and late nights.


You can use tools like Sproutsocial and Crowdbooster to measure your post performance. This will help you in tracking your social media marketing. This will also let you know the optimal time to share your contents to get maximum exposure of your my Facebook Page as getting more likes for the posts will make your Facebook Page more visible to your friends, community, and friends’ friends as well.

Creating Communities

The most important task is to continuously interact with your fans. Ask questions, opinions, and give them incentives in case they invite their friends to your page by contest campaigns using apps like ShortStack. This will also help you in increasing your Facebook page Likes for zero cost.


Facebook contests are the best way to make people get excited and draw more new users in your fans list. The temptation of big prize that is specific to your target market will make them Like your Page and become your fan. There are several contest apps, including Wishpond, that has features known as Like-Gate, which will make the entry page to contest hidden to the users until they do not Like your Facebook Page. Like-gate can be a simple image having text that will tell users to Like your Facebook Page before they access the contest. So when the user Likes your Facebook Page, the app will provide entry page to the contest.

Like-Gate Coupons

Coupons are a great promotion tactic. Even small offers like 10% off coupon will attract people to buy. The best way to use coupons is to have an action to access them. There are many Coupon App that will make it easy to create Facebook Like-gated coupon having built-in coupon codes. Using coupons on Facebook makes it easy to be shared among the followers, you can even auto-post these coupons when someone participates to get a coupon code, the post will be shown on their Wall, inviting Friends to participate in the coupon offerings.

Adding “Like” button to blog

You can capture visitors on your blog to make them Like your Facebook Page. To help with conversions, it is good to make Liking easy for users just by providing a link to your Page or by using Facebook’s social plugin, thus making it a single step process.


People feel interested in watching behind-the-scenes, interviews and live event videos thus improving Facebook Likes.

Using the above tactics, you can have a call-to-action for the traffic visiting your Page.

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