How to Increase Pinterest Followers

Every business in now engaged in trying to increase their customer reach using social media. Pinterest is one such social media networking site that has gained a lot of popularity these days. You can use it to improve customer engagement and drive traffic to your site and promote your eCommerce business.

Having more Pinterest followers will help you get more likes, repins, comments, clicks and impressions that might help in increasing sales, generating leads and building your brand.

Create Valuable Pins

Create valuable contents by your own, as you have lots of people waiting to circulate your pins and get you tons of exposure, as 80% of the Pinterest pins are repined ones. People love sharing helpful information. Think about valuable information that your audience would like and start making pins out of that.

Use Pinterest Follow Button

Using Pinterest follow button on your eCommerce website will divert your visitors to see your Pinterest page attracting followers. You need to just install this button in prominent places in your website and blog, making it easy for your visitors to find your brand page and convert into followers. You can use widget builder or create custom button that will match with your branding. Start including “click here,” “comment” or “repin this” in all your pins.

Use Profile Widget

The profile widget will also help you to lead your website visitors to your Pinterest page as it is more effective compared to the Follow button as it is bigger in size will display lots of latest pins that you have posted. The larger your profile widget will be the more effective it will be. This will not only drive followers to your Pinterest page, but it will also make them follow the pins as they will be clickable.

Share As Much Possible

Try to share as often as possible, as this will make more people to see your pins and this will in turn lead people to your Pinterest page along with displaying your details below the pin.  It is also good to pin a lot of images to obtain followers. By doing this regularly, Pinterest will start suggesting boards to you where people have pinned same images. This will help you to easily find people and make them follow you. Thus Pinterest will help you to find people having similar taste as that of you. Pinterest will also recommend you more often to the people who pins same images as that of you, helping in attracting a lot more followers.

Sharing good quality contents and images will help you improve your Pinterest presence. Try to stick to the topic that will help you in building your company, business and brand, and which will help you attract target audiences.

Comments on Other Pins

Start commenting on popular sections on Pinterest that have chances of getting repined several times. People will start checking out your page by seeing these comments. Analyze the pin and try writing meaningful comment that will make people know that you are aware of this topic. It always works when you mention other Pinterest users in your pin description or in comments.

Connect With Your Social Networks

Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your Pinterest as it helps you to attract Facebook and Twitter followers to your Pinterest account. Tweet your pins so that your Twitter followers will see them. Display latest Pinterest activity on Facebook so that your friends’ and followers’ like it. You can also add link to your Pinterest account on your other social media accounts. Follow people you with whom you already have relationships in other social media websites with, as there is every possibility that they will follow you back.

Promote Your Boards

People generally prefer following boards on subjects matters that interest them. It is better to work on increasing followers for your popular boards instead of focusing on the entire account. Analyze your brand page and get some popular boards and start promoting them to gain more followers. Remember to place your boards in the top row so that people can see them at the moment they visit your brand page. It is always good to use board widget as it will help you in converting website visitors into board followers. It is also good to contribute to popular boards that already have lot of followers as there are chances that their followers become your followers.


Running a Pinterest contest always works, as you can ask people to follow you to get base entry into the contest. You can also use tools like Rafflecopter for this.

With these tips you are sure to see loads of traffic in your Pinterest Page.

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