How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

After a lot of effort you created an eCommerce website and people started to get interested in your site. People started to go through your products and services and your email campaign started inspiring users. Through such regular email campaigns and offers, your followers added products to their cart, and..... then nothing. They just closed your site and went.

This is what most of the e-marketers are facing now a days. So what can be done to avoid such a disaster?

Even though you cannot eliminate cart abandonment completely, but you can still reduce cart abandonment. Below are the reasons that the customers abandon carts:

Shopping Cart Abandonment

                Source: Retail Online Survey by North American Technographics

 Now we will discuss some ways which can help you reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. 

Give details about shipping costs at the start: The study shows that foremost reason why people did not complete transactions is because of high shipping and handling costs or they were displayed too late during checkout. Information related to shipping cost and time taken for delivery has a lot of importance and should be presented as early as possible. A similar study revealed that free shipping is a deciding factor leading customers to complete purchase. It is found that 73% of customers completed purchase with free shipping. It is found that 93% of the buyers are encouraged to buy in case free shipping is included and it was found that they were the most satisfied customers.

Make your customer feel secured: Users are anxious while doing online shopping and while using payment security. What you need to do is try to overcome user’s anxiety. If people are conscious about payment, this will discourage them from completing their purchase. It is better to be transparent on privacy and return policies. 

Shopping Cart Abandonment1

 Displaying contact information will lighten their concerns.

Don’t ask users to register: It is found that customers exit from the buying process when they are prompted to register with the site. There might be several reasons, but it is not your concern, it is just that they don’t want to do it. It is better to allow new registers to go through “Guest Checkout” and complete their purchase without making them to register. Then after completing checkout procedure and payment, you can offer them to create an account with the information that they have already filled out, this will make things easy to digest for your new customers.

Throughout checkout make your customer feel how important this purchase is:It is necessary to remind your customers the importance of this purchase for completing the checkout process. So even if they don’t want to continue at some stage, thinking of the advantage they will continue with checkout, thus creating a sale.  

Make things quicker and simpler:Research states that the amount of time taken to complete filling a form is negatively correlated to the conversion rate. So the less time it takes to check out, the higher will be the conversion rate. So it is better to keep minimum number of fields. Use the “Same as billing address” check-box for shipping address and show progress bar to indicate where the customer is in the process.

Use persistent carts: In the survey we saw that most of the people abandoned the cart just because they were not ready to buy the product. You can make them buy the products when they are ready just by saving their carts and making them return at a later time to purchase the product. A study by the National Mail Order Association shows that 35% of buyers took around 12 hours to complete purchase while 21% took more than 3 days.

Use cart retrieval emails:It is found that sending a retrieval email immediately is essential. When asked to consumers, it was found that 50% of the surveyed consumers found shopping cart abandonment reminder emails to be useful. And 61% were of the opinion that they thought of returning to the site after receiving reminder emails.

Make cart items always visible: It is a bit annoying to always navigate to check the items ready for purchase in the existing shopping cart.For this your customers need quick access to the cart regardless of the page they are on. You can make online shoppers see their existing cart using a drop-down menu. This helps in decreasing cart abandonment by 4% to 8%.

Applying these simple techniques will help you to improve sales by offering better shopping experience for your customers.

Start applying them!!!

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