How Would Future eCommerce Stores Look Like

 A survey conducted for 1,700 consumers across demographic spectrum shows that 79% people still value immediacy, in case of both online and in-store eCommerce. This means that online eCommerce is still way behind as compared to normal brick-and-mortar stores. Still touch and feel of your product has 75% priority next to immediacy. Next comes the discounts and bargain options having 65%

So to beat the popularity of brick-and-mortar stores, online stores will have to do more that offering unlimited product options, user reviews and product comparison. You can see a lot more of that in the near future. Now let us find out what new might be coming up in the online eCommerce shopping portals.

Now you can find that integrating digital and physical stores have become necessary.

Personalized shopping experience

Personalized shopping experience is going to have a change in the future. Clothes, and footwear which we still prefer buying in person will be bought online as more custom made designs will be available online which can be made to fit you exactly. Lot more trendy outfits will be available online and user only have to submit some data digitally or using some online sensor that could make outfits to fit shopper’s style and desire. Customers might also get personal trial in their home in just one click. Apparel brands vary widely in size charts, so it has become necessary to avoid refund and replace to improve profit margins.


In-person Assistance

Consumers still appreciate in person assistance when purchasing certain types of products. Future technology will enable eCommerce shopping portals to provide a in person service by using personalization algorithms that will allow real person or attendant to help you make a buy. This will help you improve trust, and consumers will start to buy online as they are getting online shopping experience along with personal assistance.

It Is Time for Fingerprint Scanning

Even with the obstacles like fraud, many still feels excited hearing fingerprint scanning. This might lead to a new world without passwords and credit cards. The future eCommerce will be more tailored and secure. E-wallets will be accessed using individual’s fingerprint. This will make eCommerce checkout process more efficient, protected, and easy. The current security problems related to fingerprint scanning will he easily overcome using heat sensors etc.


Shop Using Wearable Tech

Big companies like Google and Nike etc. are now focusing on wearable tech industry. Since Google glass is already there, in the days to come you may find techies like bracelets and watches etc. all around as in the same as today’s Smartphones. Using wearable techies, people may get personalized notifications when they walk into any store based on Geo-targeting and previous shopping behavior. eMarketers will then have to send messages to individual rather than a group. Smart glass will be owned by almost everyone and every household appliance may have touch screens to make things easier.


3D Cloth Printing

People will start printing their own clothes based on what they like and according to their size. 3D printing has already started which might become common in future. You will just have to select the fabric of your choice and the machine will print out what you need.

The future online sales will be completely driven by technology, turning the eCommerce landscape.

Be prepared to enjoy this new drive and fulfill your choices.

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