How you can Manage your Magento EE Website Even Better!!

Magento eCommerce Website

In our last blog we had discussed about general site management techniques. Here we will let you know about some more advanced site management techniques.

How to Control the Access to your Website

Magento now helps you to restrict your website access in both backend and frontend. You can control what your administrator users see on the Admin Panel. You can also restrict the features that are available for admin users on your websites, products and data.

Admin Access:

With the help of Magento, you can now create individual accounts for every user who are allowed to access Admin Panel at the backend. You can also define specific roles based on which Admin Panel functionality is to be used by which administrator user.

Limiting Visitor Access:

Now you can close your website temporarily by setting the website restrictions to “website closed.” Through this Magento will redirect your visitors entering your site with any URL controlled by Magento to a single landing page that you choose.


CAPTCHA functionality ensures whether a human being or another computer is interacting with your site. This was implemented using a module from Zend Framework. This feature can be enabled from both frontend and backend. You can define the font, forms and the duration used for CAPTCHA display. You can also define the number of symbols that have to be displayed, the symbols used, case sensitivity etc.

Users will also be able to reload the displayed CAPTCHA by clicking the Reload icon in the upper right corner.


 Admin Panel

Advanced Security Features

Magento Enterprise Edition offers security features including 

Encryption and Hashing

Magento now hashes all data that does not require decryption using SHA-256 hashing algorithm. Now Legacy passwords will be hashed this algorithm. It also encrypts data like credit card data and integration passwords that does require decryption using AES-256 algorithm.

Changing the Database Key

Enterprise Edition also offer tool to change database key used for data encryption and decryption. This key should be changed in a regular basis to improve security. When the key changes, all legacy data is re-encoded using the new key.

Logging Administrator Actions

Logging administrator actions helps you in tracking backend activities. It offers the action, the person who performed it, was a success or failure, and the ID of that object.

Logs Report

You can now view the actual log of admin actions and access the log archive files.

Setting Administrator Password Security Levels

Now you can control administrator password security. You can lock the login after certain consecutive failed login attempts, set the duration for which the account will be locked. Additionally it has password lifetime features which will prompt the user to change the password after particular duration.

Advanced Design and Content Management

Content Staging

In Content staging, We can create websites as hidden/ beta websites which can be accessed using password-protected URL. They still run on same Magento installation and database as the original website. When the changes are done we can merge this website with original website without any need of configuration changes. All the contents and website/store view level assigned to staging website will directly be assigned to the live website. While merging, you can create a rollback. But remember, you can’t use staging websites for coding or development work.

Changing the Favicon

Enterprise Edition enables you to upload new favicon, which is a graphic associated with your store, for your website or store view through Admin Panel. The safest format is an ICO file, but several free favicon converter tools are also available.

Media Storage

Using Magento Enterprise Edition you can store media files in a database or in a Content Delivery Network (CDN), rather than storing them in file system of web server. The advantage is that it minimizes the effort required to synchronize media when multiple instances of the system that are deployed on different servers need to access the same images, CSS files, and other media files.

Full-Page Caching

It offers quicker loading time, improved response time and reduces server load for frontend pages. This can be done by caching the entire contents of category, product and CMS pages. Here the fully generated page is cached when opened for the first time. This is then used to process the same requests from other visitors. This takes less time to open it again in the browser.


Using Indexing, Magento Enterprise edition transforms data like products, and categories for improving performance of your website. To optimize storefront performance, data is accumulated in special tables using indexers. Magento also re-index automatically whenever more items are changed. This is a background process, and you can access your store during all re-indexing processes.

Hope you are ready to try out these features!!!

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