Hybris is the leading provider of enterprise multi-channel eCommerce software and product content management software and is the most popular platform used for developing online shopping portals with top class user experience. Connecting Dots is proud to be partnered with Hybris and together we work to offer multichannel eCommerce portals for our esteemed clients. We provide our clients with best in class eCommerce capabilities, which in turn help us to have profitable, long-term client relationship.

Hybris eCommerce platform is a robust enterprise eCommerce technology, which consists of a complete range of Omni-channel features. Hybris eCommerce portals allow the e-retailers to offer flawless and advanced shopping experience across all available channels. Connecting Dots has set a remarkable scale by offering top class Hybris implementation in a small span of time. We are Hybris certified partners and have dedicated team consisting of experienced Hybris developers.

Here are the services where we can support you:

Hybris B2C eCommerce

Customers are demanding these days and appreciate state of the art shopping experience. They use all the channels available to know about any brand. Hybris eCommerce platform enables businesses to grow by employing top class online sales strategies. It also speeds up performance enhance sales and supports business growth across all channels. Hybris helps you to easily and efficiently design multichannel eCommerce solution that offers best in class user experience. The eCommerce websites that we design using Hybris unify all the eCommerce processes, offering a flexible platform for the customers. Our websites will offer top class search, personalization, and navigation functionality and tools necessary to improve customer engagement, user experience, and finally improve conversion rate.

Hybris B2B eCommerce

Hybris B2B eCommerce websites that we design, deliver top class business experience and reduce the problems related to the management of various business models, markets and channels. It also helps to have several suppliers, distributors and stores under a single platform. Hybris B2B eCommerce allows easy self service and online order management. We also provide web services integration for credit checks, invoicing, and pricing for businesses.

Hybris Mobile eCommerce

In the current situation, mobiles and Smartphones have become foremost shopping venue for most of the customers across the globe. Hybris also offers mobile eCommerce platform. This helps the clients to have mobile apps, especially for eCommerce to improve B2C & B2B communications. The Hybris mobile eCommerce helps our clients have more improved mobile shopping experience and more personally engage customers through direct mobile communication.

Data Management

With the help of Hybris master data management product, we provide centralized management of structured and unstructured products information and other attributes across all available channels. We also provide improved cross-channel use r experience and down-channel selling. We help you in maintaining all content, digital objects, and images. With us you can experience top class import and integration with the help of Hybris.

Order Management

We help you increase your revenue with the help of centralized order management as your customer may interact with your brands using all touch points. We offer flawless and highly interactive shopping experience. To have fast and reliable order management, quick delivery and return we help you streamline your order processes across all the available channels. With this your customer can have a transparent order lifecycle.