Impact of Card Scanning on Mobile Checkout Abandonment

In the era of tablets and Smartphones, one can do almost anything anywhere. You can pay bills, complete your emergency office tasks, and buy different products. Consumers are found to use their devices to browse and compare products online, yet it is found that they are very less inclined towards making a purchase using their phone. The mobile device users who tend to make some purchase using their Smartphone and tablet reported that they face certain problems that have prevented them from completing payment and the checkout process. It is also found that in the case of most eCommerce shopping portals, checkout process takes considerable time to load eventually leading into shopping cart abandonment.

The issues related to payment process and credit card inputs are some of the biggest problems in the mobile checkout. People find it difficult to type on the mobiles and tablets as compared to desktops and laptops, and such difficulties in typing easily cause errors and thus causing frustration in the customers. Netswipe now offers a new card scanning application to solve this issue. This application solution can be easily integrated into the eCommerce shopping portal app. The company claims that the card scanning app takes only 5 seconds, as compared to the 60 seconds that normal keyboard input takes.

Apple stated that its upcoming iOS8 will be enable its iPhones and iPad users the ability to scan credit cards using the Safari browser during the checkout process just by using the  camera on the iPhone or iPad. When the Safari browser detects a credit card as the input field, the iPhone user will be prompted to select a Scan Credit Card option, and with the help of optical character recognition the clicked image of the credit card will be translated into characters in the field. The retailers using this app do not have to code any special program to enable this facility.

Even though it is convenient for retailers, this facility offered by Apple will not work in the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, or in the other apps. Retailers thus need to rely on paid solutions like, Netswipe and ScanPay for their ecommerce apps. Using Netswipe one can integrate these features in any device and can also use this application even with the desktop camera.

Online vendors are of the view that use of card recognition will make the checkout process more secure than the normal keyboard input, as there are less chance that any fraudster will get access to the original credit card and use them to scan. Thus, this feature can be used as the best possible way to provide credit card input.

Will the use of card scanning solve the problems related to mobile cart abandonment?

Not completely, as there are other factors that lead to mobile cart abandonment as most of the people still don’t feel secure to enter their card details online. Offering an alternative payment option will surely boost conversion rates to some extent. One can also use PayPal features that include saving and emailing cart contents along with providing certain security assurances to the customers. All this can be used to optimize mobile checkout process. Other optimization techniques like form optimization by removing unnecessary field, use of auto-fill and guest checkout options will also help in improving conversion rate and still more reducing the mobile cart abandonment.

Retailers state that traffic from mobile devices is increasing at a good pace. Still, the need to find the best ways to improve the mobile users’ customer experience so that they are more likely to complete the checkout process using their device. Use of simple designs rather than distracting ones, guest checkout instead of forced sign up process, and use of clear call to actions will help you reduce mobile cart abandonment even more.

Make sure to carry out constant A/B Testing to improve customer experience even more, as it is an effective way to measure the impact on the changes and take smart decisions about mobile experience so that it works best for your customers. It is found that most of the eCommerce sites carry continuous A/B testing on their desktop website, and ignore the mobile version. One should definitely start doing the same for mobile version also to have better ROI for your business.