Integrate your Magento Store with Mobile APP

Magento Mobile APP

Magento Mobile source code helps you to integrate your Magento store with mobile app. Magento mobile source code is available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Mobile app helps your customers to make purchases whenever they want. This increases the exposure of your products, brand and your store at the forefront of your customer. Magento Mobile provides the advantage of easy integration of your existing Magento store. Now you can manage both your online store and your app from the same administrator. Having an integrated Mobile app, consumers will start to trust you in a better way as they can download product related information, compare products, and respond to promotions for mobile app.

Magento Mobile APP

The new Magento Mobile has mainly two parts: Magento web store having an XML Connect extension, and a native application.

XML Connect extension will help your application with the requested data and also execute desired actions. What happens is that your app sends a request to your Magento store and it responds in with an XML result.

The new release of Magento Mobile has several features that will be useful for both consumers and merchants. Now, items in a wish list that are available in the shopping cart will be automatically removed from the wish list. It also supports payment using Magento Payment Bridge, gift cards and credits. Customers can easily view the details of their order. Customers can also write product review or provide product ratings from their smart phone.

The new Magento Mobile offers merchants to use the advantage of rapid mobile growth to offer high quality user experience that will adjusts the look and feel of your mobile app based on the device capabilities. The Enterprise, Professional and Community editions have mobile administrator pre-integrated, making things simple to manage without any need for separate extension.

The new Magento Mobile iPhone includes push notification services offered by Urban Airship. This enables marketers in increasing their engagement level with their customers by intimating them with product updates, sales promotions and other targeted marketing. As soon as you sign up for Urban Airship service, Magento will provide you the required tools necessary to distribute messages. Not only this, Magento Mobile also supports sharing of product information with almost all social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Consumers using Magento Mobile store application will now be able to share information about their online stores experience with friends and relatives using their social networks.

As the server side of Mobile App support bigger images and dynamic image resizing facilities based on the device resolution, customers can zoom product details and get clear product images necessary to make purchase related decisions.


  • Storefront Integration: With the help of new Magento mobile admin, you can bring your Magento eCommerce website to your mobile app offering full integration of store catalog, checkout, inventory and much more.
  • Fully Customizable: You can now deploy device-specific features and themes within a few clicks. Not only this, you can change colour and appearance of your app with the help of new Magento mobile admin.
  • Engage Your Customers: You can now have the facility of offering geo-targeted push notifications to provide native experience to your customers.
  • Low Cost of Ownership: Magento Mobile app is cost-effective. You may need to pay only for the features and Magento will handle the maintenance of your app in the marketplace.

All you need is to configure your mobile app and Magento will take care of security, stability upgrades, bug fixes. So don’t wait... start deploying your own Magento app.

If you have any more doubts about this, take a look on the most popular eBay, which earned around $500M only through mobile-channel sales in 2012 and is projected to have around $1.5B in 2013.

With the number of iPhone and Android Smartphone user already in the hundreds of millions and continuously growing, you better take advantage of this growth.

If you want to know more about Magento Mobile, their pricing etc. Here is the link to their site where you can find a lot of interesting stuff:

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