Issues and Challenges in eCommerce and their Solutions

eCommerce is advancing at a fast pace, and lots of online eCommerce websites are entering the Web every day. The competition is continuously increasing. Remember that you are not selling directly to customers you have to do something to make customers attracted towards you. Still it is found that companies are treating online customers with a certain level of ignorance which will eventually lead into lose of customers.

eCommerce has got the potential to create personalized experience for shopper even though good analytics are required to understand its power.

There are a lot of challenges that the current eCommerce shopping portals are facing. Just go through them, as you might also be facing these challenges. We will also offer some suggestions that might help you in overcoming these challenges.


Pushy Sales:When customers look for something for online shopping, they eventually gets frustrated with tons of popup and banner ads screaming at them, this is not going to help you, as this will only make customers switch to other sites.. there are so many of them now.

Personalization:Personalization can be the single most important challenge when it comes to eCommerce and its competition to you’re the retail stores that we used to go as children.. the store owners remembered us, our preferences and had that personal touch which is difficult to replace when you are selling online.

No-Service Sales: Your eCommerce web-store might be attractive, but what if the customers get lost in your site without having any idea about what to search and where to go? This is common challenge that many eCommerce websites are having.

Choice of good eCommerce solution: You can build your eCommerce website from scratch, or build it in Drupal using Ubercart or eCommerce tailored CMS solutions like Magento eCommerce site development. You can also use hosted service like Shopify. Since there are several options, selecting appropriate one is a challenge.

International Orders:It is found that 40% of the eCommerce shopping portals turn down international orders as most of them doesn’t have the logistics, and other systems to fulfill the order and this is a major challenge facing the global eCommerce. Duties and tariffs are other problem as customers tend to reject purchase due to such high cost.

Shipping Challenges:Issues related to lack of supply chain integration, high delivery charges for products, delay in delivery and lack of proper courier services in some areas also make customers frustrated.

Product Return, Refund etc.:Product which is not satisfactory for the customers tends to get replaced or returned. This is another major issue which leads into overall loss in revenue, loss of shipment costs and more than all these loss of your reputation.

Currency Challenges:Different countries have different import export specifications. This hinders smoothness in eCommerce shopping and product delivery. Issues related to credit card limits and currency exchange rates. Certain countries also restrict payment gateways causing problem.

International Taxation: We are living in a global village and web has truly made our business boundaries seamless, global and boundary-less (virtually speaking). But the catch is the world still lives in physical boundaries and this is not going to change anytime soon. Every country (even states inside them) have different taxation norms.. incorporating them into a web fabric is a huge challenge.

Customer Service:eMarketers focuses on the website performance ignoring customer relationship and in-personal assistance.


While some of the above challenges are impossible to solve in near term owing to external factors not in control of busines owners currently, we an solve and work around many others.. here is what can be done:

Personalization: Personalization, while a challenge, if addressed well can be a huge differentiator in how the customer experience is shaped in the online world, we have written multiple time so  this.. here and here ..more said the less. Utilize intelligent tools like web analytics,study customer behavior online, reward and reach out to customers.. the more personalization you can out into your web-store.. more the customers will love you.

Segmentation:Customer segmentation is important.All customers should not be treated in the same way.It is good to divide customers based on first-time users, high valued active users and inactive customers, based on which you can provide offers and promotion campaigns.Use analytics to target the right to the right customers.

Make Your Site Navigable:Customers sometimes tend to get lost in your site. Provide proper navigation in your site to make things easier for your customers. Try to make your eCommerce site properly structured.

Choosing eCommerce solution:It is better to do some research based on your specific needs. Read the feature lists, try demos, and get reviews from who know better about this. It is always better to choose something that has large community as it will offer help, tutorials, sample codes, third party plug-ins, themes, and security auditing, which will help you in enhancing the productivity for your eCommerce web-store.

Delivered Duties Paid: eMarketers pay duties and taxes for what they sell. It is better to sell products internationally on an all-inclusive price basis and hassle free services though all international courier facilities. Product registration and reduction is shipping cost is another good solution.

Shipping: It is better to deliver in bulk in one go to a single hub and distribute based on domestic shipping charges. This is called regionalization.

Product Return and Refund: Make sure that all product descriptions are up-to-date and relevant. Also ensure that the products you deliver are procured from certified vendors.

Multiple Payment Options: Be open for all payment gateways, start entertaining e-Wallets, prepaid cards etc. which will offer better cash flow and relieve customers from credit card problems.

Focus on Customer Service: Online users want fast response to their query. So start interacting with them through 24X7 emails, calls, and chat assistance.Make your customers interact with you through all possible means like social media marketing etc. Keep reminding them about deals and promotions that you are offering and try to know what they think about them.

So, Start implementing these solutions and enjoy the results!!!

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