Magento Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique which one does for others and in turn gets paid for their work. Unlike pay-per-click, affiliate marketing is a pay per performance online marketing channel. With affiliate marketing you can make sure that each sale is made at a profit. This will help you to increase your reach, control on your ROI, and is solely based on performance.

Pay-per-click advertising using Google Adsense will help you make your blog profitable. But it is not the efficient way to earn revenue. It offers very less payout for each click. Your product costs thousand dollars, but you receive less than a dollar for a click.

Magento affiliate program offers a large boost in your revenue when a person you referred makes a purchase. This can be a source of large amount of income.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate??

1. Know your audience- You have to understand what your customers’ need and what you provide them to attract them to your website.

2. Be supportive- Along with your contents, use affiliate marketing ads which are both useful and informative. This will give value to your content.

3. Select cautiously – There is a vast amount of products and services in the market. Think before deciding on what products or services your readers might like. Regularly update your ads to keep audiences interested.

4. Be clear and honest –Readers are always attracted towards honest sites. Be sure you are one of them!!

5. Be relevant- Always be updated with the latest trends and opportunities in affiliate programmes as far as possible.

6. Give Priority to Content –Content come first. It is the backbone of your business. A properly expressed content makes your job done.

Remember that as an affiliate marketer, your job is to help readers know what they want, so that it becomes easier for them when they get to the sales page.

Things to be considered while starting an affiliate programme

You can find various Magento affiliate program extensions and depending upon your requirements and comprehensive features, you can select appropriate one. The key features to be considered are:

  • Flexible payment options like pay per click, pay per lead, or pay per sale etc.
  • Unlimited tools like text links, banners, text ads etc.
  • Anti-fraud offerings
  • Customization available at the end user area.
  • No monthly fees

Must have things for your Affiliate Marketing Website

Product Reviews: Users sharing hand-on experience of your product along with personal opinion will help you in improving customers’ trust.

Price Comparisons: We get a lot of best deals in online shopping sites and people generally go for something that is cheapest.

Coupons: Do offer coupons in your website and see how well it works. Don’t forget to compare with your competitors before offering coupons.

Personal BlogsPersonal blog have a lot of impact. Write about what you do, understand what you are talking about so as to have people following you.

Some of the top websites for affiliate program include:

  • Amazon Associates – It offers easy and flexible affiliate program where you can link to any of the products and get a fraction of amount (4 to 6%) of every item sold.
  • Affiliate Scout – It is a database which lists hundreds of affiliate programs. You can easily find a suitable affiliate program here.
  • Commission Junction – This site manages affiliate programs for some of the largest online companies.


Set Up Your Affiliate Programme

Find an Affiliate

There are many websites that will help you to find Magento affiliates. You need to sign up and then you can search database of businesses looking to become affiliates. You can find someone whose product fits your blog’s theme.

Set Up the Affiliate Links

Affiliate programs work on a very simple principle. You place links or information about any product or service on your blog or your website. In return, you will receive commission whenever any purchase is made by clicking through your links. You need to do a little advertising for more effective clicks.

Once you know how to write convincing recommendation, you can repeat it for other products too.

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