Magento & Amazon Cloud

We live in a world where every second is precious.This makes the need to configure your eCommerce shop at top speed during peak hours important. You can’t think of having good conversion rates with slow response time. The responsiveness of your site can be improved in many ways in Magento, but every time it may not work, at some point you will need a dedicated server with a perfect hosting configuration for your Magento store to scale smooth.

The result is that you can increase the overall capacity and accommodate higher number of visitors, thus improving conversion rate, and lower hosting costs by improving hardware efficiency.

What you need is a best possible blend of data caching, software and hardware configuration that will improve the response times, and greater processing power for supporting a large number of page views and orders per day. Amazon offers you all the above mentioned services. We will now take a good look on these.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon AWS is highly flexible and works perfectly with the help of an API which has the ability to create on demand server instances, load balancer, external database (RDS), and storage (NFS).  If you require more server power and space, you just need to change the instance type. Finish!!Amazon eliminates the need of waiting as you can start immediately and test new Magento instance instantly.Using AWS with Magento will reduce the deployment time drastically.

You only need to pay for the services you take, till the time they run. If you have large Magento shop, you can select your server infrastructure based on the rate of traffics etc. AWS makes it easy to keep cost low by allowing you to scale your infrastructure based on your business needs.

AWS Security

Amazon follows the below mentioned approaches to secure your AWS infrastructure:

  • Reports, Certifications, and Independent Attestations: AWS successfully completed multiple audits, published Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC 1) report under professional standards. In also achieved ISO 27001 certification, and is validated as Level 1 service provider under the Data Security Standard (DSS). In also have received approval from the U.S. General Services Administration.
  • Physical Security: Amazon is experienced in designing, developing, and operating large-scale data centers. The overall AWS infrastructure is placed in Amazon-controlled data centers globally, and those who have legitimate business needs know the actual location of these data centers, as they are secured using a variety of physical controls to prevent illegal access.
  • Data Privacy: Using AWS, users can encrypt personal or business data within the AWS cloud and publish the backup and redundancy procedures.

Apart from all the above features, Amazon AWS also offers auto scaling features.

What is Auto Scaling?

Auto Scaling is a web service offered by Amazon that will allow you to automatically launch or terminate servers based on the user-defined policies. Through this facility you can increase the number of servers when demand spikes to maintain high performance, and decrease them automatically during less demand to minimize costs. But how this all works???

Consider that you have a Magento website running on a single server, and it works well during regular traffic. Suddenly the traffic to your website increased up to several times the normal rate. This causes the instant need of additional server resources that can handle such high traffic without making your site go down.

With the help of Auto Scaling, you can define specific conditions which will check for the increase or decrease in traffic. It will accordingly launch more or less servers based on these conditions are met.

For this you require a Flexible Hosting Platform, which is available easily with the global infrastructure of Amazon that is secure, reliable, and flexible. You also require multi-server environment to add or remove servers from the load balancer, as it is not possible to scale a single server as it can only scale vertically.

Remember, that only a proper configuration of your Magento website with appropriate hardware and software capabilities can improve the overall performance of your Magento eCommerce website.

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