Magento Analytics and Reporting

Magento uses valuable reports to keep updated on all aspects of customers’ shopping carts. These reports are available in the Reports tab of Magento eCommerce Website Admin Panel in the form of list differentiated by their name. These reports can be downloaded into CSV or Excel formats by clicking on Export.

Now lets briefly go through all the reports.

Sales Report

Offers information related to sales for the specified time. The duration can be specified in the Show Report as drop down at the top of page. You can see the number of Orders placed in time duration, total number of items ordered, and the total amount received. You can also find the total revenue drawn from Tax, Shipping, Discounts, Invoices, and Credit Memos.


Tax Report

Offers information on tax for orders made in a time period. The number of orders placed for every Tax Rate along with the total amount of tax charged will be displayed in this report.

Shipping Report

Offers information on orders shipped in a specified time period. The total number of orders placed using every Carrier/Method will be displayed separately and the total amount of shipping charged for  Carrier/Method will also be provided.

Total invoiced

Offers information on Invoice for a particular duration. The total number of orders placed having Invoices will be displayed, along with the details like total amount invoiced, amount captured, and the amount not yet captured.

Total refunded

Offers information on Credit Memo for a particular time period. You can see the number of Orders placed having Credit Memos, total amount refunded, amount refunded through online, and amount refunded through offline.

Coupons Report

Summarizes information on coupon for particular time period. For every Coupon Code, the total number of orders placed using it will be displayed, along with the total amount received using that Coupon Code.

Shopping Cart Reports


Products in cart

Lists all products in store along with price, the number of Shopping Carts currently having products, and the number of orders placed for a product.

Abandoned carts

Lists the registered customers who added products to their Shopping Cart, and then logged out. You can see the line of items in the cart, quantity, total amount, any applied coupon code, when the first item was added, and the most recent cart activity.

Products Reports



It summarizes information for products ordered within the specified time period. For every product name, you can see the product price, date and time of order, total quantity ordered for that product, and the total amounts for all such products. Filtering option based on SKU, and manufacturers etc. are also available.

Most Viewed

It summarizes information for the most viewed products in defined time period. The duration will be divided for each product name, and you can see product price, total number of times a customer navigated to that product’s page, and the total amounts for the time period.

Low Stock

Lists all products along with the SKU and remaining quantity in stock, from lowest quantity to highest quantity.

Customer Reports


New Customers

Offers information on new customer accounts from particular time period. For every time period the total number of customers who created new accounts will be displayed.

Customers by Orders Total

Offers customer order information for every order placed in a particular time duration. The time duration will be divided by the customer name, and you can see their total orders placed, the average and total amount for these orders. The customers will be listed by highest to lowest of total amount.

Customers by Order Number

Summarizes customer order information for orders placed in a time period. For every customer name, the total number of orders placed, and the average and total amount received from these orders will be displayed. Customers will be listed based on the number of orders from highest to lowest.

Review Reports

 Lists all registered customers who offered review, and the total reviews they placed.


Products Reviews

Lists the products that received review, total reviews it received, average rating, time and date of most recent review.

Tag Reports



Lists all customers who submitted Approved tags, number of approved tags submitted by the customer.


Lists all products with Approved tags, the total approved tags.


Lists all approved tags, number of times each tag was used.

Advanced Reports

These reports offer more detailed information. Some of the advanced reports are Sales by Hour, Day or Week, sales by Country, user activity, and Customer Group.

You can also get a summary of important information in the Magento Admin Dashboard which will be the first page for your admin by default.

Hope this helped you :-)

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