Magento and A/B Testing

Magento and A/B Testing

A/B testing has been for long one of the most effective models to test out in real what helps convert and what doesn't on your online store. You can use this test to have insight on the visitors’ behaviour.

You can compare different visual looks as well as different workflows and evaluate them side by side.

There is an extension available for this in Magento (here is the link) and some more info in the link here.

But the fact is that most of you are still unaware of its benefits and how to use it.

Through this blog, we hope to create some awareness on A/B testing...

Now what is this A/B Testing???

As the name suggests, in A/B testing you will have two elements A and B, and some metric for calculating the success rate or which element is better. Now both the elements are subjected to experimentation at the same time. And after completing the experiment, you can measure which element is better and select that element for your website. So, while testing your eCommerce site, you can split your website traffic between the two elements and measure their performance based on conversion rate, sales, and bounce rate etc.

                 A/B Test

Almost all of you have definitely wondered at least once about how to improve the rate of conversion of your eCommerce site.

It completely depends upon you that what to test. Generally, eCommerce marketers test the following:

  • The wordings, size, placement and colour of the call to action buttons.
  • Headline of the product description.
  • Length of different forms and the types of fields used.
  • Overall layout of the website.
  • Product pricing and discount offers.
  • Images.
  • Amount of text on each page.

 Your A/B Test

After deciding what to test, you need to select a tool for performing testing. We now have several tools available, like A/Bingo and Vanity, Vertster, SiteSpect, Webtrends Optimize, but out of all these Google Website Optimizer (GWO) is a robust conversion testing tool which is completely free. Using GWO you can perform A/B split testing and multivariate (MVT) testing after integrating with Magento.

               Magento A/B Test

You can now carry A/B  test on different pages in the Magento Admin Panel. Using this you can test your original pages against redesigned test pages. Now GWO will redirect people visiting your site to one of these pages, along with recording the number of visits. This will be used to calculate the best page. Through this test site visitors can decide if the changes are better compared to the previous design or not.

You can carry out A/B test in two ways:

  • By replacing the elements to be tested before loading pages.
    If you are testing a single element on a Web page, you need to create variations of that element in your testing tool. When the test is gone live, the A/B tool will randomly replace the original element with the variations before displaying the page to the visitor.
  • Redirect to another page.
    If you are testing and entire page like the backgrounds etc., then you need to upload a new page on your website. Now when the test goes live, your tool will redirect some visitors to one of the two pages.

After completing any of the above two versions, you need to set some conversion goal, which can be coded using JavaScript, that will represent proper completion of test. Now when you have collected sufficient amount of test related data, you can check the results.

 That’s it! Isn’t it too simple??

Some Extra Tips that You Will Like!!

  • Always test both the elements at the same time.
  • Never end the testing too early and it is better to use online calculator for calculating test results.
  • It is better to test your website with the new visitors than outraging your regular visitors.
  • It is better to make A/B test consistent over the whole website. It must show same variations for a particular visitor.
  • Do as many A/B tests as possible so as to have only positive results on your website thus boosting your sales and conversion rates.

It’s astonishing how much difference a small change in design can have on the rate of conversion.

Hope, that now you are ready to test your site using A/B Testing.

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