Magento and its International Support

Magento and International Support

Your eCommerce website can now attract global customers using the international shipping facilities, multiple currencies and languages or store view options using Magento. You can also easily carry out tax calculation process from different countries in your Magento store.

International Shipping Facilities

 Magento is engaged with several major shipping carriers, it supports the following shipping service carriers out of the box:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

 We can easily create shipping labels in the Admin Panel through the shipments pages, and from the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) managing pages. When one chooses to create shipping label, Magento asks them to specify the information related to the type of packages used and its size, and the contents it would include, basically your products. After doing this, Magento connects you to shipping carrier services, where you need to create an order. After completion, you will receive shipping label for that shipment along with tracking number which is added into the Admin Panel.

You need to ensure prompt delivery and exact delivery estimate. This is necessary to make your customers satisfied and in turn improving your reputation.

There are several plug-ins available that will reduce the time taken to prepare packages for shipment.

This plug-in allows users to print USPS postage and shipping labels within the Magento website. Using this extension your Magento website can print up to 1000 prepaid shipping labels. So now you don’t have to waste time going to post office and also you don’t have to pay any postage charges. The only drawback of this extension is that it is limited only to the U. S. Postal Service.

UPS WorldShip

Like, this plugin will also add tracking numbers and order information back into your Magento store. It will also automatically handle invoice creation and will communicate the status of the customer’s order to them. This extension created by XTento, is suitable for handling large numbers of orders.


A free plugin offers almost all features of the UPS WorldShip plugin, and also integrates with several delivery services, including DHL, FedEX, UPS and UPS WorldShip.

i-parcel Connect

It is an international shipping service that helps to handle cross-border shipment in more than 90 different countries. I-parcel is an extraordinary tool for retailers who ship internationally, as it also includes features for administering the duties and taxes.

Apart from the above plug-ins, you can use InXpress plug-in which offers a hybrid solution perfect for small eCommerce stores, who are a lot into shipping internationally or air packaging. It is found that USPS is the best choice for international shipping, as duties are less costly for USPS packages compared to other companies. 

 Multiple Currency Options

Magento has a lot of options that allows supporting multiple currencies. For this you need to set the multiple currencies option as “allowed.” After that a currency changer will be displayed in the Magento template on the left side and can be included through directory layout file. What you need to do is under the Configuration menu in System, select Currency Setup, and set the default site currency, along with all the currencies that you want to support.

Magento Admin Panel

Then in System again select Manage Currency Rates option and set the currencies rates. One can use tools like Webservices to introduce currency rates.

Magento Admin Panel

In the output you can see all currencies in a drop down and select the required one.

Magento Admin Panel

After doing all this don’t forget to clear cache and reload the page.

Multiple Language Options

The simplest way of supporting multiple languages, is adding several store views. Then using a language switcher drop down your customer can select any language. Additionally, you can even make different countries to sell products at different prices by creating duplicate catalogue of products, where products are configured with the pricing set as per your wish for each country. This will help you to lessen bounce rate and develop better search ranking.

To configure different language for your store, download language package available in Magento Connect. Here copy the Get extension key of required language, and paste it on Magento Connect Manager in Magento Connect option in System and click “Install.” In Admin panel, select the language you want to configure. Now in General tab select Locale Options, and in Locale field select your language. When saved, that language will be assigned in the selected store-view.

Magento Admin PanelMagento Admin Panel

You can scale multi-store retailing from the same back-end only by providing unique domain names.

International Tax Calculation Support

Magento helps you to configure store taxes based on state taxes by creating effective tax rates. It is best to use third-party tax provider in this case you will need to manage considerable number of tax rules and tax zones.

Hope this helps you all!!

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