Components of Magento Customisation

Magento platform can be enhanced with a lot of out of the box available functionalities from Magento connect, the plugin/extensions market place of Magento and also by developing over the stack as it is an open source platform and any extent of customization is possible. Here a list of components that include cusmtomisation:

    • Magento Extension (from Magento Connect Marketplace)
    • Custom development of Magento Modules
    • Integration with Magento Extensions
    • Widgets development & Integration
    • Shopping cart development, Payment gateways, Shipping and Logistics
    • CMS Integration
    • Backend, Magento ERP Integration.
    • Integration with other third party tools and solutions like ERP, CRM, etc. using webservices.
In Magento we have three options to add additional functionality into your portal:

1)      Using Magento Connect and Extensions Marketplace

 Magento has a huge market place called Magento Connect (link here) where one can search for ready made out of the box extensions that can act as additional or essential modules to your Magento portal. There are thousands of extensions ranging from analytics, reporting, ERP, Payment gateways to name a few. There are both paid and free extensions available with proper descriptions and reviews. At Connecting Dots we will help you identify at the start of the Magento project itself (as well as along the way during development), what all extensions you would need to install on your eCommerce portal.

2)      Custom Development and Building Extensions

Another option to build and integrate additional functionalities into your portal is to custom build additional Magento modules, now because Magento platform is completely customisable and is build on PHP based Zend framework it is possible to fully customise the same for your specific use. At Connecting Dots we have experienced and smart Magento Programmers and PHP developers who can support any level of customisation and extended functionality development for your eCommerce portal.

3)      Integration of third party solutions

There might also be situations where it is advisable to integrate a third party (either open source or licensed) solution which might of utility to your portal and is available off the shelf,  but it is not available on Magento Connect marketplace or building the same from scratch would not make economical or logical sense. In those cases, we can also integrate those solutions/products into your portal. A Connecting Dots we have good expertise on customization on Magento and we have deployed very deeply customized and highly third party integrated portals globally. Our team can help you by suggesting and incorporating the most cost effective, scalable and practical solution for your Magento eCommerce website. We believe in offering solutions and not mere development services around your requirements. We also believe that in your success lies our deepest sense of satisfaction and realised value. We believe in long term relationships and value yours and ours hard earned money.
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