Magento Enterpise Edition or Community Edition?

This is the question which one has in mind while creating an online eCommerce portal. Why are we paying for Magento Enterprise? Can’t we get the same just by adding a few extensions in the Community version? You need an answer to all this.

We are here to help you out in this case, as we at Connecting Dots have built Magento websites for several companies.

You all know that Magento Community Edition is free and open source... so you might think that is good, right?

  • Magento Community platform was built by keeping marketing, reporting, SEO, and the customer in mind. Multiple storefronts, coupon codes, discount modules, cross sell and up sell functionality make it different from other eCommerce tools.
  • There are a set of modular core code files on which the both Enterprise and Community edition runs. If you want to upgrade the system, you simply have to upgrade the core files.
  • It has a separate area where one can add the design of the website. Through this one can re-skin the site easily. It also has multiple designs for different sections.

Magento Enterprise Edition was targeted to fulfill the needs of enterprise-class clients. The Enterprise code adds improved features, reliability and security. But is it worth $15,000+?

Let us find out the advantages of Magento Community over Magento Enterprise Edition..

  1. It is free
  2. No need of any yearly license fee.
  3. It is designed for tech savvy marketers, who interested in building and maintaining a site.
  4. You only need to pay for domain name, web hosting (which you will have to do in case of Enterprise Edition also), and pay for a good Magento programmer to build and maintain your site.
  5. It has got Web Services API that will allow you to connect to other systems easily.
  6. Magento Community helps you to have multiple store management, with just one common back end system. Like you can have retail site, wholesale site etc. and share customers, products, and categories etc. across all of them. So now you can have a single admin that spans across the multiple sites.
  7. You can have multiple store views or rather multiple languages, where user can enter their language choice.
  8. With persistent shopping cart you can track and save the shopping cart contents until they come back next time.
  9.  Magento Community allow you to create discounts, free shipping and other offers as it has several powerful pricing options.

Coming to the advantages of Magento Enterprise over Magento Community Edition..

Obviously Magento Enterprise has all features of Magento Community discussed above, but it also has some additional features…

  1. Generally eCommerce sites have large number of products, Community edition can’t handle huge scale, it is slower in performance in general from Enterprise edition. Enterprise edition does this very efficiently, it is scalable and lightening fast if optimized properly.
  2. Enterprise edition has 80% faster re-indexing power, and has several performance features that the Community base code do not have.
  3. In community edition a product added to the site, or modified takes 12 minutes to show up in the front end, but in Magento Enterprise, this happens instantly.
  4. Rollback or backup process is a headache in case of Community edition. But with Magento Enterprise, you can easily roll back to a previous version of any page quickly. Also you can see the date and time when changes took place.
  5. Enterprise edition is highly scalable. Compared to Magento Community sites which run on a single server Magento Enterprise separate every task onto different servers like DNS Server, Proxy Server, Web Servers, and Database Server etc.
  6. In case your system goes down Magento enterprise will allow a live hot-swappable version of your site to run at any alternative location, which can be synched offering easy rollover.
  7. Magento Enterprise offers efficient checkout flow than Magento Community Edition. It speeds up the process of checkout.
  8. Advanced Segmentation for Customers helps you to deal with different users differently. It can give free shipping for regular purchasers and first time incentives for the new ones. It shows related products for the customers based on their last purchase. All this is not possible in you free one.
  9. Magento Enterprise offers location based campaign facilities. You can also have private sale for your customers easily. You can set special pricing and products for specific customer groups.
  10.  Magento Enterprise tightly integrates reward points into its core code, in Community edition even the paid extensions having same functionality will not offer tight integration.

So, now if you are focusing on improving your site speed and functions, don’t think just start using Magento Enterprise Edition. But if you want to start off test the waters for some time before scale-up or just have a few products to sell, Community edition is the way to go.

Hope this helps in making a good decision.

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