Don’t use too many extensions for your Magento eCommerce Website.

eCommerce ecosystem is full of very exciting features that can be integrated to give you website some cool Bells and Whistles. There is some 35K+ extensions itself in Magento Market place. The bottom line however is whether all are beneficial/useful and relevant to your business or are they needed in the first place. We see many customers interested in using as many Magento extensions as possible to incorporate extended features to their Magento eCommerce portal.

I believe as an entrepreneur the first launch should be with minimalistic features and with those which make your brand positioning distinctly stand out. With some much jazz around the messaging gets muddled somehow. The idea is to get customer feedbacks, gauge the market well with the first launch and then judiciously choose what to include inline with your brand philosophy and positioning.

Then there are technical angles to using too many Magento extensions, let me explain as simply as possible: Extensions are build by third party companies who put them on Magento Market place. Yes, they add a lot of extra functionality at a minimal cost in comparison to the cost you would incur if you had to build those functionalities from scratch in your portal. Having said that, there are so many extensions that may have bugs in them (please pick some from the market place and read their reviews, they are essentially product bundles right?) as people also build them to test them out, get customer feedback and then improve upon them. Using too many extensions/plugins means you are entering increasingly into an uncertain arena.. you do not know how all the systems will interact together, whether they all work well in tandem or not.. so and  so forth.....What best we can do is to do adequate research before selecting ones, use a balanced dose of them (5-6 atmost) and best to use the tried and tested ones.. Most of the extensions we at Connecting Dots suggest to our customers come well researched, tried and tested from our end. Magento is a great platform to work with, but it is a complex one and needs careful choices to make it work its magic.

My intention of writing the above was to make sure that you are aware of all the angles that are involved in choosing the right scope for your business. As we know folks, all that glitters is not gold.

Hope the above post was helpful. In subsequent posts I’ll keep on suggesting some interesting Magento extensions to the readers.

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