Magento Go is Closing Soon

Recently, Mark Lavelle, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy department of eBay Enterprise announced their decision to shut down Magento Go by February 2015. He assures that it will not impact the Holiday shopping season and will operate normally during the season till the last day.

In the past five years more than thousands of merchants are using the Magento Go platform for their eCommerce Shopping portals, still the company has decided to focus more on the other resources, mainly the Magento Enterprise Edition and the Magento Community Edition, which are much better in their functionalities and support small and medium size merchants to excel in this competitive and continuously growing eCommerce landscape.

Thus, the eCommerce merchants who are currently using Magento Go needs to plan their resources and special offers to manage smooth transition to either Magento Community or Enterprise edition. These resources will best support you and help you to evolve in the eCommerce landscape. These solutions will also help you to get more traffic to your website and thus improve conversion rates.

The eCommerce merchants can now enjoy unlimited server storage and bandwidth capacity that earlier was limited to maximum 5 GB and 32 GB respectively. Also, they can now upload any number of products, and have any number of admin accounts. Even the multi-store and multi-language facilities are also available for them. Apart from that Magento Community edition offer more than 5000 extensions, thousands of themes and can also any payment method.

Magento Go did not offer access to source code except for CSS, JS and admin XML, however, with Magento Community edition, since it is 100% open source one can access PHTML templates, CSS, JS and XML. Another major issue that Magento Go used to face is that all the changes made to the eCommerce web-store needed to be implemented on the live store, which in turn caused loss of traffic and ultimately loss in conversion rate. This is not the case of both Magento Community and Enterprise edition as one can easily develop the changes and updates, test them and then finally deploy them to the live server, not only this one can even have a backup copy of the entire website.

In the case of small-to-medium-sized eCommerce providers, from past 5 years Magento Go has offered a moneymaking and easy to use platform, now to keep their stores working they require upgrades. Since its start, Magento Go has been competing with the older and well established SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms like the BigCommerce, Shopify and Volusion. With the start of Amazon and Yahoo along with the others Magento Go had decreased its market share. With the Community and Enterprise edition, which are not restricted like The Magento Go in the case of front-end design and development.

The Community Edition is fully customized and is an open source. Even until it is something serious for the Magento Go users, still Magento along with the BigCommerce is working to minimize the efforts required for the transition by the existing customers as it is one of the top solution provider for small and medium businesses. Also, it has the SEO compliance, good marketing tools, admirable visual templates, and fully customizable coding. Mark Lavelle stated that “we chose Bigcommerce to help with the transition because of their shared commitment to client success and their proven track record of migrating large groups of merchants onto their platform.”

So merchants, start focusing on the upgrade, we are there to help you out.