Magento Implementation/Development

Magento Development

Magento Customisation

Magento Integrations with third party systems

Mageto Website Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure Management

General configurations and store set up

Magento website development environment has many standard configurable features that need to be set as per your needs and requirements like products, categories, store (multi store or single store model), multi language, multi currency etc. etc. (Please check this out to read more about the Magento features).

Magento Customization

Magento platform is built on PHP (Zend Framework) and is highly customisable, you can literally code in any functionality that you would like as long as it conforms to software development norms and standards, basically anything that you can do using any software development language. In fact many of our customers need very specific customisation as per their industry needs, specific innovative web application etc.

Integrations with other systems (for example payment gateways, ERPs etc. etc.)

There is a huge and rapidly growing community of developers and partners who have built integrable solutions and other usable features and functionalities around Magento (Those which do not come in the standard package), which can be just picked off the shelf from Magento Connect. There are also both free and paid Magento Extensions available.
We can also integrate with third party tools (like ERPs, accounting software, advanced inventory management systems etc.) using web services based environments.
Every E-Commerce website development project is headed by a delivery head, who are responsible for a timely delivery of the project and making sure that the milestones are being met properly. We use advanced project management tools to track our Magento implementation process. Before the start of a project we share a milestones sheet with clients that acts as a guide for us on deliverables, the project is monitored daily against the same. Each sprint gets defined, work is broken down as small structures and assigned to different team members. Every week a demo of what was done the previous week takes place with the client, if some objections come in they are immediately addressed and post client approval the team moves to the next priority task.


Use case scenario based testing methodology lies as the root of our testing philosophy, our testing team identifies the business parameters that your portal is likely to experience and test the solution using various manual and automated scenarios in normal as well as extreme conditions. We ensure that the final shipped product is free of any defects whatsoever and optimised for scalable environments.

Magento Website Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure Management

We suggest cloud based hosting and management services to our clients to host their Magento E-Commerce portals and utilise the dynamic scalability and ease of having the solution over cloud. We have a package around how we manage your cloud environment for optimised utilisation and peak performance (more about our cloud services here).
We offer a One Month Free Maintenance and Support Warranty to our customers post go live on Magento Implementation to ensure our commitment to be defect free and quality solution. Our Maintenance and support package is the most flexible in the industry.

Magento Migration Services (Migrate your existing store to Magento)

Connecting Dots E-Commerce Migration Service helps your business in migrating from current E-Commerce portal to Magento platform.  If you are using any other E-Comemerce platform or a custom build solution and want to experience the power of Magento for your business, our expert Magento Developers are here to help you out with migration services. Click here to know Why Magento is currently the best open source ecommerce web development platform in the market

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