Magento eCommerce Website Development Process

Magento is an open source framework focused on e-Commerce website development. Magento has now become the largest and the most popular platform (>150K sites globally, with brands like eBay, Olympus and Nike) used for developing truly scalable and state of art e-Commerce portals from scratch. Many of the store configuration functionality like categories, product set up and update, pricing, setting up and running efficient marketing campaigns, up sell and cross sell products etc, etc. are built in this platform.

Connecting Dots is a leading Magento Website Development company and has expert web development processes and methodologies for designing attractive E-Commerce portals and running it in a cost effective manner. At Connecting Dots, once you decide to build an ecommerce business, we support you regardless of the stage you are in, whether it may be planning or post development and management.

Here are the stages were we can support you on

1) Conceptualisation and Planning

Here we study your current ecosystem (if you want to have an integrated set up), analyze your needs related to e-commerce, and help you in firming up you requirements. Here we phase out our plans based on functional, business and technological perspective. We will suggest you with the best possible technology that will suit your business needs. We have a deep consulting engagement model where we work from the point of conceptualisation, building and maturing the idea, working out the requirements, business case, plan, roadmap. We contribute much more than just a development team working on a set task but add value in terms of suggestions on improvements, best practices, any pitfalls and challenges. This consulting led philosophy is embedded in every team member.

2) Project plan and Proposal Stage

Once the requirements are frozen we will send you a proposal on the same and project milestone plan with clear deliverables.

3) Implementation and Go Live

Post your approval on the proposal and project plan, we will start the development, testing and have your portal live with all the integrations, customisations and extensions installed. We have one of the industry’s best and senior most Magento developers. Many of our Magento programmers have been into E-Commerce development since the inception of these technologies.

4) Post Go Live Maintenance and Support

Once the portal is live, we can also performance manage the portal and hosting environment, provide regular organic and inorganic SEO support, suggest and support you on any enhancements, suitable upgrades as well.


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