Marketing Tactics That Can Turn Visitors Into Buyers

Are you an owner of any online store? Then I’m sure you always run behind traffic and sales. You run and run, follow different routes to achieve these goals, you face some obstacles only to find you still don’t get enough traffic and sales. People say that if your start is wrong everything is wrong. In case of eCommerce stores it becomes difficult to find out the best place to start.

This time we would like to share some marketing tactics that will help you to boost your sales. Most of them you can implement immediately. We have also mentioned apps that will help you implement these tactics.

So let's start building traffic and sales.

Automated Email Marketing Campaign

Whatever you do is to make visitors get converted. To drive conversions there is a channel that still continues to out-perform all other channels, and that is E-Mail. E-mail is found to have a return on investment of almost 4,300%. Isn’t that enough to make you jump from your seat? We have some more information related to e-mails. So, go on reading!

  • More than 80% of people receive marketing messages in their personal emails on a daily basis
  • Out of this almost 70% make use of the included coupons or discounts in the email to shop
  • Most of them say that since they receive special offers, this is the main reason why they subscribe to an email.

If you have not yet started developing an email marketing campaign, you are definitely losing a large group of buyers and obviously leaving money to be taken by some other competitor.

Apps like Klaviyo help you to send stunning newsletters and automated emails to your list using customized templates. If you want to send a thanks coupon to your loyal customers after their second purchase from your store, you can do this with Klaviyo. If you want to wake the people who have not purchased from past six months and tell them that it’s time for the next purchase, send out automatic emails using Klaviyo. With Klaviyo, you can track all the sales connected to your email campaigns, so that you can know how well it works for you.


You know people can’t stop talking about anything they find worth it. Referral marketing is a word of mouth marketing that your customers do. Remember that it is the most influential form of marketing. Over 92% of people trust the website recommended by a friend or a family member and out of them almost 77% of the people buy a product after learning about it from their trusted ones. The App called Forewards, will help you to utilize the power of referral marketing. You can now set up an automated referral campaign that will encourage your customers to share your store with their family and friends.  

Live Chat

79% of the people use live chat available in the websites as they could get quick answers to their queries. This is really important! In the world of eCommerce, before your customers quit your site and go to another one you have to answer their doubts and this significantly increases the chance of making a sale. Apps like Tidio help you to use live chat widget in your store to connect better with your visitors.

 E-mail Popup

If you think that your email list is not yet ready to send an email campaign, watch-out this tactic as it is sure to help you out. At time, people might be annoyed with this bit when it is seen everywhere, however, email pop-ups have proven to help eCommerce website owners like you to increase the number of email subscribers. You can add an email collecting pop-up to your store that can help you to build an email list. With this you can start using email marketing effectively and improve sales.

Strong Call to Action

Call to Actions is a powerful tactic that will help you improve sales, yet they are often overlooked. Nothing can be simpler and effective than pointing your visitor the next logical step in their journey towards conversion. You only need to add CTAs at the right place and you can see the difference it makes in your lead generation. It can be a word or a graphic that is linked to the next action.

The popular app Hello Bar offers a notification bar for your store that helps you to feature and change any primary call to action. You can also use Hello Bar to create notification bar at the top of your online store that will tell your visitors about your featured products or promote whatever you want to. You can also easily update your call to action whenever you want without the need of editing the codes. 

There you go! Now, start increasing your conversions and sales for your eCommerce portal.

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