Mobile Web Development

  Mobile has changed the way we lead our life, do our work, and interact with others. At Connecting Dots, we have experts in Mobile technology, who provide world class solutions to our clients by combining Mobile Technology, Domain knowledge, Mobility Strategy Analysis, User Experience, Solution Engineering and Process Excellence. Mobile has changed the way technology was of delivered to the end user. This has caused in the emergence of several path breaking possibilities. Traditional models of Information delivery are not clear, with mobile usage, content dissemination and monetization strategies are now remodelled for dynamic users. Access to faster Mobile chips like Q4 Snapdragon having 1.5 GHz processor have changed the speed at which all this used to happen. At Connecting Dots, we endeavour to constantly adapt ourselves to the changing landscapes in Mobility, thus keeping ourselves at the forefront of the same. Connecting Dots works closely with clients to design and build powerful, feature-rich mobile assets with stunningly beautiful interfaces.

Mobile Tools

Connecting Dots uses tools which help us to reduce the time taken for the. We can rapidly built basic working application in a matter of days to allow our users to actually see the application that will be built. This helps our clients to quickly visualize the application they will get and go through quick iterations to build the right User Interface and Work Flow.

Mobility Strategy Analysis

Businesses need to have a Mobility Strategy. Mobile is not longer just another way to access the resources, but it has become an integral part of the overall Business IT strategy with deep impact on each and every department in the company. Connecting Dots works closely with our clients and help them in integrating Mobile in the overall Business Strategy. We work closely with our clients in identifying and fine tuning Mobility related processes and help them integrate Mobile strategy with the overall Business and IT strategy.

User Experience

Enriching User Experience is a critical part of the overall Mobile offering at Connecting Dots. User Experience is not just about creating good looking UI, it involves understanding how the user will use the systems and its environment, and the solution will be used in Work Flow Analysis and Integration, transaction integration, and its impact on User Experience, Network Speed and data handing, among others. Connecting Dots’ unique approach to User Experience lets us see beyond the UI look-n-feel and take it to the next level of User Experience.

Solution Engineering

Combining User Experiences’ best practices and leveraging the tools for rapid product development, Connecting Dots works in an interactive manner with its clients to develop Solutions which meet or exceed their expectations. Our approach ensures that we are not only prototyping but also building the application as we grow. Further, by using tools and best practices, we ensure that the testing time is significantly reduced. This helps us bring solutions to the market in about half the time.

Process Excellence

Connecting Dots uses its own proprietary BRQM process. Our process is a combination of traditional Water Fall and Agile Methodology. We use most of the leading platforms and frameworks both on the consumer and on the Enterprise side of Mobility. We work in the following areas in Mobility:

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