Mobility and the paradigm shift…

What does it mean to “Go Mobile” ? Is Mobile just a lightweight Laptop with a smaller screen and more handy? Does it need an Enterprise to think beyond that?

Mobile represents a big paradigm shift.  Mobile enables new business scenarios and new ways of doing the same business. Mobile affects nearly everybody—users, professionals, and clearly developers.

Enterprise and designers of Mobile applications need to think of overall Mobile strategy. Enterprise need to define an overall Strategy and Mobile Application Designers need to think of the set of use-cases and the right user experience and interaction model. A typical mobile application user is much less forgiving than the average user of desktop or even web applications. There is a paradigm shift here. Earlier, users were forced to play by the rules of the software, but in mobile world, it is the other way around.

User Experience plays a critical part in the overall design of the Mobile applications. It is the User experience that derives the use-cases and also to a larger extent the Enterprise Strategy. Companies Offering Mobile solutions need to fine tune their approach to Mobile applications keeping this in mind. This is evident from the success of Apple, because the whole product strategy seems to be driven from User experience and how to make it better. This the reason they are able to make Smart Phones and Tablets mainstream whereas other players failed in repeated attempt in the past.

Companies which invest heavily in working with their Users and revolves their solutions around User Experience will win.

Connection Dots has recognized this fact and have developed a User Experience practice. This takes the user through an interactive session and understands what they are trying to do. User Experience is captured in prototypes and only when the User experience is well understood and documented, a single line of code is written.