Must Read Before Selecting your Magento Implementation Partner

Magento is the most popular Ecommerce platform serving more than 125,000 merchants worldwide and customers like Nike, Ford, Nokia, Lenovo, and Olympus. Assuming you have chosen for Magento (solid decision), here are some pointers for selecting your eCommerce Magento partner:

Magento Implementation Partner

1.Choose a partner who has solid experience in developing Magento. Magento is, at the time of writing, still relatively young. The learning curve for development in Magento can be higher than in other eCommerce software. A systems integrator with a lengthy history in other software but none in Magento will have difficulty getting up to speed in Magento in time to start and finish your project in a timely manner. A younger company that is more versed in Magento might be a better choice. And rest assured that Connecting Dot’s Magento implementation capabilities are one of the best in the business.

2.Systems integrators from the “old world” of very steeply priced commercial licenses are still adapting to the professional but open source Magento software. Be smart in prying through vague explanations for costs.

3.Do not get pressured in making your decision. Conversely, also do not pressure your provider by having them commit to deadlines while you delay your decision making. Keep the process fair and the quotes and subsequent relationships will be healthy.

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