New Rules for SEO Mechanics

Search marketing now makes sure that content is easily searched by the right audience. The recent updates have completely changed the search optimization mechanics. Now it is the person that is the signal, not just the website.

Here we will discuss the change in current SEO and link building techniques.

The current SEO utilizes crawling, indexing, combating negative SEO, and avoiding risky links. Google now cracks down pages based on link quality during search. The search engine optimizers have started to remove the links and directories which were once brought by paying a lot of money, and the best thing is that its removal is still costing a lot more money.

SEO Mechanics– Crawling & Indexing

Now, social media and content marketing mainly focuses on keyword and content quality. Only this will not work. The new search engine tries to find, organize and understand the content on the Web. Thus it requires sophisticated resources for search engines to carry out this process as there is a terrible amount of content and links being created every second in the Web. Due to which search engines have made crawling and indexing process more critical to achieve visibility.

It all depends on the website owners to make sites easier and efficient to crawl. Thus one has to focus on the time taken to load a page, and must sure that their eCommerce website is bug free, making it search engine friendly.If your website fulfills these technical website standards, there is no doubt that your content will be included in search engine result pages.

To improve your website performance, these tips will surely be helpful.

Crawling Management: There are some essential mechanisms using which search engines discovers, copies, organizes, and sort your content among loads of other documents on the Web. These mechanisms are mainly crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Proper management of crawling and indexing is very necessary for good search visibility and ranking even though it may be pretty difficult to achieve. It is the role of SEOs to make crawling easier and efficient for the search engines. A properly established SEO mechanics can make crawlers focus where you need. This will help in maximum marketing benefit. Block the less important URLs from being crawled as it will improve probability of important URLs being crawled.  Tools like Robots.txt and 301 will help you achieve this.

Indexation Management: Indexing strategy depends on URLs based on their importance for users and value for SEOs.  It is always better to index them based on the order of priority.  Make sure that the marketing content does not compete with normal contents. The first thing to do is to sort through the user-oriented pages, and internal linking pages, as customers generally use search engines to find information related to some products and services. It is good to ensure relevancy of content and search visibility to create good customer experience. Make sure to give your existing customer more priority as the cost of new customer acquisition is much higher and less effective.

Link Building

There is a speculation that link building is dead and social signals have replaced these links after PageRank has gained its importance in online marketing. It is not the fact, social signals can be considered as a content distribution channel that will drive search and content awareness making it easy to be linked.

Clean Up Negative Links:It is now clear that the first priority for any old site having links pointing to it is clean up. Thus it is necessary to audit inbound links to your website and its source quality. Artificial and low-quality links will hinder your search visibility, so start getting them removed than being ignored by Google.  Once these unwanted links are removed, you will have a good amount of links to your sites, which are useful, then start working on them.

In case there are link sources that you cannot change, disavow them using Google’s tool, as this will tell Google not to trust links from this particular domain of your site.

Managing Link Profile:Even if your website is nominally popular,you still need to manage and optimize your links.

Social media and content marketers need to pay attention to link clean-up, even if they create and promote good contents, as there might be automated linking happening without their awareness that may lead to lack of good SEO progress.

Make sure when you hire a digital marketer that they can see beyond social marketing. Check if they speak about SEO mechanic, crawling and indexation management. Can they manage link profile audits, and ongoing cleanup?

So, start working on your links.

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