ODC Lifecycle


Off Shore Development Center (ODC) also called EDC ( Extended development Center) is  a tradional form of outsourcing engagement where the offshore ( Bangalore) based team works as an extended arm of a company based on site (say US, UK) this is a proven model of outsourcing which can be huge win-win proposition for both the parties and is especially helpful if the engagement is envisaged to be long term.

We, at Connecting Dots, have kept in mind the above life cycle and amalgamated it with the experience. Our cofounding team has experience of setting up and successfully running ODC from 5 to 50+ members.
There are typically 4 steps in the lifecycle of anOEDC engagement:

1) Planning

2) Setup and Transition

3) Steady State Operations

4) Transfer/Handover (in case of a BOT engagement model)

We explain in detail all these phases in subsequent pages in our website.

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