ODC Planning

Planning is a critcial first step to set up a long term sustainable ODC, this involves understanding the needs, resources, work portfolio and execution models etc. for smooth functioning of the ODC.

Physical Infrastructure

ODC Centre

• A Dedicated facility or a shared (with the existing offshore company’s premises) facility with area of the facility defined and planned/provisioned for future expansion to be finalized on.

• Communication Infrastructure: The data link, information security needs are discussed and the facility is setup as per agreed needs.


Physical Security:

• Provision of appropriate security for the physical Infrastructure.

• Provision of closed and secure working facility if the client so demands or the project so demands.

• Appropriate provisions to deal with accidental or emergency situations.

Information/Data Security

• Secure Environment for all the project data.

• Role based access to the project information.

Information Security norms pertaining to your company policy can be implemented within our premises.

SVN linked to a central data repository will be established, Staging and testing servers will be provisioned. An NDA will be signed with every employee that comes on board for the project apart from the general NDA that every Connecting Dots employee signs.

We can incorporate a network set up within our overall company set up (we already have the entire needed network infrastructure in place). However, a separate LAN set up and SVN linkages can also be provided which are viable for a 30+ member teams.

Resource Planning

Team Structure

Skills and Profiles: It is quintessential to define the skill sets needed in the EDC team which can complement the onsite team. How many Project Managers, Technical leads, developers, QA, UI designers etc. are needed.

During the execution of the project the planning can be ongoing, every quarter after major project releases, we can do a resource planning meeting given the amount of work that would need to be executed and plan for the resources to accomplish the business functionalities mentioned in the plan, it would also take care of the attrition or overloading of resources in the project and keep the projects at optimum performance level.

Work Portfolio Planning

Work Execution Planning

Defining “who does what”: The role and responsibilities of the team at onsite and at ODC are decided including work planning, progress monitoring and execution of SDLC related activities.

Specific responsibilities of the profile of resources to be involved will need to be identified Onsite as well as Offshore. A common Project and Task Management tool will be chosen which would be used in the planning process, monitoring of tasks. Dedicated SVN can act as a repository of documents, code, manuals etc. with hard backups for Information as a part of disaster recovery.
Process of progress monitoring will be set up in terms of Bi-weekly project Sprint reviews, continual learning and implementations of those learning. Tasks to be monitored through daily stand up meetings; also activity track of the work real time will be enabled in the PM tool. All this information will be archived as well.

Hiring Process

• Hiring process in the ODC needs to be planned so that at decided phases the availability of resources is easily provisioned.

• Initial Team should ideally start at the top level to seed the team and for a matrix below them.

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